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How Many Calories Do You Need Per Day To Lose Weight?

There’s a quote that says “you can’t improve what you don’t measure”. I’m not sure who said it but they were spot on when it comes to losing weight. 33 more words

Basal Metabolic Rate

Calorie counting: 3 Reasons to Start Today

A certain friend of mine … I won’t share any names … never keeps her check register. She doesn’t add deposits and she doesn’t document her spending. 615 more words


Week One: The Journey Begins

Week 1:  I weigh 97.6kg and I want to reach my goal of 166.77lbs/75.6kg before my 24th birthday on 11 June 2015. According to BMR Calculator my BMR (basal metabolic rate the calories my body uses everyday) is 2144 calories per day. 239 more words

Weight Loss Can Slow Down Your Metabolism

Metabolism is popularly blamed when people either gain or lose weight. But unknown to them,weight loss can slow down metabolism, and it might be that their efforts at losing weight may be hindering their metabolism to work properly lose weight. 396 more words

Basal Metabolic Rate

Task #7 BMR Baby

It is important to know your specific needs and the necessary calorific intake to ensure normal functioning of all the body’s systems. For task #7 you are going to work out just that and this is how to do it: 191 more words



Weight is a bit of a funny one, especially with debate as to whether weight is to do with muscle or bone mass or fat and all the different ways of measuring it have positives and negatives. 539 more words