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Task #7 BMR Baby

It is important to know your specific needs and the necessary calorific intake to ensure normal functioning of all the body’s systems. For task #7 you are going to work out just that and this is how to do it: 191 more words



Weight is a bit of a funny one, especially with debate as to whether weight is to do with muscle or bone mass or fat and all the different ways of measuring it have positives and negatives. 539 more words


What Exacty is BMR?

The other day, one of my new clients emailed me asking what BMR means and how it relates to fat loss.  At the time, I responded with a very quick and basic answer, but figured this would be a good topic to cover a little more in depth…especially for those looking to lose weight but have no idea how to get started. 1,455 more words

Fat Loss

#128: Participate in a study

Several months and 20 hours of testing later, I am finishing my last day of participation in a study on exercise and eating habits! My basal metabolic rate was calculated, I did an intense stress-test on a treadmill, and I had to sit very very still while a device called a Lunar Prodigy measured the fat/muscle/bone makeup of my body. 24 more words

Project One Life

Daily energy intake

i’m partially writing this as a reminder to myself :). I have recently gone on a gluten-free diet (4 months ago), followed by quitting all cow dairy (about 2 months ago). 730 more words