Because Namche Bazar To Everest View Hotel And Back Again

Last night was an early night. I think I finally crashed at 10pm, which some of you will know is about 3 hours earlier than my normal bedtime. 487 more words


Because Last-Minute

It’s approximately 2:30pm on December 15th. I’m sitting in my office, having just finished a PhD examination for a student in Integrative Biology1. On the outside I’m calm and collected, but inside I’m freaking out. 241 more words


The Climber in Me

In late 2013, I joined a team of climbers. Our objective is to reach Base Camp in the year 2016. In preparation for this, we hike hills and mountains, and in August 2014 we summited the highest peak in South East Asia, Mt Kinabalu. 429 more words

Base Camp

Seoul has Soul!

Dear everybody,

I got my first taste of winter this season on my impromptu trip to Seoul, South Korea from Dec 1-4! The temperature was below freezing and we even saw some snow! 641 more words



Learning Python from scratch was very unnatural for me. Without any exposure to programming or app making, I bought a book to learn the basics of coding. 130 more words

Base Camp

#1. Sometimes all explorers need to return to base...

Here I am, laying on my bed, excitedly tapping out my very first actual, real, post-able blog post for my “Adventurer’s Blog”!

My bed, in the home I grew up in, in the South of England. 701 more words

In which what was going to be "in which nobody walks in Bremen" becomes the evolution of me and my blog.

I had big plans for this blog when I started out. Before I realised I’d either failed to plan my journey very much, or just didn’t realise that not-planning it was exactly what I wanted to do. 488 more words