Everest Base Camp trek

Trekking to Everest base camp is probably one of the best known treks in the world. It wasn’t until we started planning our RTW trip that I had thought about it as an option but it instantly appealed to me – a real challenge, remote, a chance to meet the Sherpa people living around the Himalayas and on the borders with Tibet. 1,000 more words


In the 'Abode of Snow'

The continuously flowing, extremely chilled water of Parvati river, long growing pine tree trying to kiss the Sun, beautiful evergreen forest, chilled weather, clean environment, beautiful wooden houses, warm himachali villagers and as you trek high and high, an enormously beautiful view  of the mighty white, snow-capped mountains enchanted my mind, left me speechless and calmed my soul.  1,184 more words


Bukit Nuang

Such a tricky mountain that fooled all of us!

At 1498m, it’s the tallest mountain in Selangor.

It started with an hour and a half of trail walking, up’s and down’s – pretty simple stuff. 158 more words


The Great Mt. Rainier -- Via Kautz Glacier Route

Oh man. Where to begin.

Last weekend was the weekend the climbing club was going to climb Mt. Rainier in hopes of achieving its summit. Let me list a few facts about the mountain. 3,088 more words


The Jebel Toubkal Adventure – Day 2

The Route: Jebel Toubkal | Distance: 10.6km | Time: 7 Hours
Height gain: 1866m | Max Altitude: 3207m | Start: Imlil Village | Finish: 1,287 more words


Mount Kilimanjaro Day 4

6am was our wake up call and I got ready promptly for our upcoming day. Again I forced a lot of food down me so I had the energy to get through my day. 423 more words

My Inspirational Voice

Kailash Jeevan

There are times in life, you can count them in minutes, when you experience an awareness that is far mor greater than you usually find in a whole year¬_____FM. 1,803 more words