Up in the mountains

“Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit” Bernard Williams

Bleeding nose, dry flaky skin, blistered feet, breathlessness, extreme exhaustion, and perennially chilled to the bone. 1,615 more words

Travel And Adventure

How's your hangover?

by Fletcher Lowe

With Christmas and the Epiphany just behind us, I have a question: What effect did the shepherds’ experience with the Christ child have on their shepherding and their home life? 163 more words

Everest Base Camp

I didn’t intend to interrupt my Philippines programming so soon, but I was having a bit of a moment, and started reminiscing by reading my old blog (I’m not even going to share it with you – it’s a bit embarrassing to look at now!). 417 more words


Aconcagua Day Seven - 26th December 2014.

Day six began with a very early and very frosty start at 5.30am. We’d be climbing about 1,000m today to Plaza Argentina, which is Base Camp on the Guanacos side of the mountain. 1,028 more words


Because Nepal Eco Adventures

When Rick and I first decided that we’d be heading to Nepal for Christmas, I know I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 671 more words


Because Stuffed

If I return home with an extra 50lbs, I won’t be surprised. And I’m not talking souvenirs, because I don’t usually buy too many things while I’m travelling. 603 more words


To Everest Base Camp And Back Again

It seems unreal to think that only a few day ago I was descending into Everest Base Camp with Sanjay, Alan, Petrina, our guide Nik, and our porters Dil and Bhakta. 345 more words