Rye Revolution

For nearly 500 years, Germans mandated that beer be made from only water, hops, and barley. More recently, however, Northwest brewers began embracing virtues of rye. 19 more words

Beer Style

The New Brew (2012)

Back in mid 2012, Portland had just cracked the 50 breweries mark, so to commemorate the milestone, I blurbed the newest kids on the beer block for Portland Monthly… 20 more words


The Climb of a Lifetime: Mount Everest Base Camp


It is exactly 6 months until I am attempting (and hopefully succeeding in) the craziest thing ever: Climbing Mount Everest, Base Camp. Okay, it’s not the craziest thing ever, climbing Mount Everest’s peak would be! 709 more words


A fitting tribute to my Annapurna

I have been both shocked and saddened to hear this week that so many lives have been lost on Annapurna.  Almost a year ago to the month, my good friend Jo trekked to the base camp of this imposing mountain.   721 more words

Previously Published

Third Time Is The Charm?

It was Antonio Losada’s, commonly known as Toño, third time going up to the Advanced Base Camp. After spending the night at the initial Base Camp, this time, his body didn’t want to adapt to the cold temperatures  and his worst fear appeared just at the beginning. 76 more words


It's Not Just Climbing

After spending 30 days at ABC, Lucho, Ana, Kathy, Juan Pablo, Manolo, Rafa, and Monica, who had recently joined the team, continued on to Camp 1. 60 more words


Departing The Country

Along with a support team of three professional mountain climbers, a team of seven Colombian trekkers takes on the challenge of climbing Mount Everest. They begin their journey departing from Colombia, stopping in Caracas, Paris, and crossing the Chinese border into the Tibet for two weeks. 122 more words