A Wild Ride on the Roof of the World

Driving in countries around the world is always an adventure. From the careening traffic on the autobahn and the peripherique, to the stop-and-go progress on a Scottish Highlands road full of sheep, to the heart-attack cliffs with no guardrails in mountains the world over, there is always a story about our international brothers’ driving habits. 638 more words


The Dirty Deets

Alright. To resolve many unanswered questions and curiosities… Here are the details!

I am in a geography class at the University of Waterloo. This class is quite different than others as it is a field course and we get to travel to Nepal whilst studying tourism related impacts on Mount Everest. 499 more words

नमस्ते "Namaste" or hello in Nepali

I have the privilege of being part of a geography class this term, researching tourism impacts on Mount Everest in Nepal (more about that later). As part of the course, we must have a journal or blog for reflection. 65 more words

How to Stuff a Campervan Part 1

With eight days left before we’re off, we may finally be running out of things to do. We’ve got the van back freshly serviced and MOT’d. 278 more words


That’s it, I have returned to base camp a couple of weeks ago. I am happy to be back, I am happy where ever I go. 615 more words