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How to be an Expert in Everything

I’m going to become an expert in the things my boyfriend is passionate about. This is especially important in our situation because he happens to be passionate about dangerous things, including but not limited to: Rock climbing, base jumping, motorcycle riding, and general adventuring. 413 more words


Death by Selfie - Professional Base Jumper Unwittingly Predicts his own Death in Selfie

This is one of the last pictures of Gareth Jones, a selfie of his legs dangling off a cliff from a few hundred feet up. A few days later Gareth would be involved in an accident at this very spot and fall 300 feet to his death. 681 more words


This base jumper flew so close to the ground he high-fived a guy

In what might be the simultaneous best/worst idea ever, Australian base jumper Nathan Jones decided to test the limits of his craft by jumping off a cliff in the French Alps… 67 more words



Paragliding is a recreational and competitive flying sport that has its roots in parachuting. Unlike parasailing, in which a water-skier wearing a parachute becomes airborne while being towed by a speedboat, … 45 more words

Reflections of a Wingsuit Pilot

I know I have done a couple of lessons on wingsuit pilots already and you might be disappointed about yet another. However, the others were pretty much wingsuit pilots talking about their amazing jumps and the planning that they did for them. 245 more words


Harrowing footage of a failed BASE jump captured by GoPro camera

If you’ve ever thought about BASE jumping, this terrifying video might make you reconsider. Reddit user Sammy2708 rediscovered this BASE jump from last December, which jumper Thayer Healy shot with a GoPro camera. 49 more words


Day 3 - Advent Challenge

BASE Jumping

The clue for this one threw me massively. ‘Start from a Building, Antenna, Span or the Earth’. What could it be. I rooted around the chocolate bowl encountering many options however using the powers of deduction and common sense I came across BASE jumping (do you get it B(uilding)A(ntenna)S(pan)E(arth) I didn’t so shout out to dad). 234 more words