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When Bobby Thompson stepped to the plate, a young Willie Mays was on-deck.

Although an avid reader of Bill James and SABR, I remain tied to the 5 tools scouts evaluation and the hope that the once hot prospect will pan out, despite what his stats for the last 5 years say as he reaches age 27. 23 more words


Looking at the "Pace of Game" rules that will be experimented in the AFL

The Arizona Fall League will, this year, be a test bed for some possible rule changes to speed up the pace of play in baseball. It is, of course, an important issue, and I’m glad to see that already some possible changes will be tested. 1,374 more words


Ned Yost really likes to bunt.

The Royals played a lot of small ball last night. What a game.


Mike Stud talks HS baseball dominance, new album and why Duke will win it all

Rarely do guests on the Celeb Chop-Up downplay their skills in athletics “back in the day”; however it’s even more rare that said guests have tangible proof to backup their claims, which, by the way, reek of overhype. 1,198 more words


Kansas City Royals advance to ALDS

The Royals pulled it off. This game looked over when the Oakland A’s were up 7-3. The announcers were even handing the win to the A’s in the 7th inning. 217 more words


Giants-Pirates Wild Card Rundown

If the 2010 Giants were “Torture”, then the 2014 Giants are “Vomiting In My Mouth a Little”. The Giants just finished a thoroughly frustrating roller coaster ride of a season where they combined stretches of utter dominance with weeks where they barely resembled a major league team. 1,265 more words