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Are There Ways to Speed Up MLB Baseball Games?

There has been a lot of commentary of late about the length of time being required to play major league baseball games. I know from personal experience that many of the Washington Nationals games are more than three hours in length, and it is not uncommon that game can be hour hours or even longer. 315 more words


Let's All Stop Sucking Mo'Ne Davis' Dick, Mmmkay?

Ah yes, let’s all remember her name.  Remember the name of the girl that drew 10,000 more fans last night than the Phillies.  Remember the name of the 13 year old girl that pitched in the Little League World Series back when cars were driven by people, gasoline was still a thing, and you could get 10 wings and a beer for only $17. 420 more words


The worst strike call from the Little League World Series was pretty, pretty bad

Umpire, this is not a strike.

Look, Little League umpires aren’t perfect. Heck, there’s a reason why they aren’t college or professional umpires, and while some may choose to officiate at the youth level for philosophical reasons (and rightfully so), many others aren’t quite as skilled. 78 more words


ABL 2014 Week 15 Review --- End of the regular season!

This is it. Ballgame for the regular season. After 15 weeks of play the ABL 2014 regular season is in the books. And thus we have the final standings and playoff match ups. 276 more words


What is the story of 1911 Giant's Charley Faust

Though many of the 1911 New York Giants wrote and talked about Charley Faust in their memoirs, letters, and interviews, what we know of Charley comes from newspapers and Gabriel Schechter’s book, “Victory Faust.” Despite Schechter’s deep research much of Charley’s life is elusive, most notably the mystery of his mental health. 448 more words


2014 Best of the Minors - NY/NJ

Best Stadium

Provident Bank Park in Pomona, N.Y., has the advantage of being the newest stadium in the area. But the home of the Rockland Boulders also has some character, features that you don’t see everywhere. 827 more words