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a game to forget

There’s been something pleasantly different in the way Yovani Gallardo pitches this season. It’s only 18.2 innings, but fewer strikeouts for sure.

Gallardo is still a spitting image of Dennis “El Presidente” Martinez with hand and arms swinging a pendulum followed by a corkscrew turn towards third base and letting loose a low 90′s fastball or 12-6 curve ball; one of the best in baseball that curve; provoking some of the silliest looking swings and misses on the spiked two strike put away variety. 590 more words


drowning in the red sea

The order in a pitching rotation seems more like a facial feature difference than a subtlety. The opposition knows exactly what to expect. It’s either gonna be 95 mph gas or off speed junk. 652 more words


a little teenager action

Give a bottle rocket five seconds of wick, a little flame and that’s it. Propulsion happens and up it goes, plowing through air; elevating until completely out of sight, never turning back. 671 more words


but that was yesterday

The marriage of a city to a baseball team amounts to nothing more than a press conference and a glass of champagne. There are no oaths taken before God and no perfect recipes to maintain the relationship. 754 more words


a royal rooter

A manager walks into a spring training clubhouse coffee clutch and sermons some hope.  Another manager spills some doom. Two polar opposite approaches to a long season ahead. 558 more words