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Did You Know....

Juan Bernhardt hit the first home run in the history of the Seattle Mariners franchise.  The blast came on April 10 of the 1977 baseball season.


Turning Two

They call a double play in baseball “turning two” which is poetic and beautiful. And, that is what a double play is.

It is often a ballet, seemingly effortless, but dependent upon practice, instinct, poise, and power. 852 more words


The Terrific Tom After Tom Terrific

Hey baseball fans!

There are four people who will be officially elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame on July 27th, 2014 who once were part of the Atlanta Braves franchise. 224 more words

Did You Know...

During their first season in the major leagues in 1998, Jay Bell played in the most games for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  He appeared in 155 games.


Baseball Music and The Baseball Project

The perfect combination of great music and excellent baseball knowledge is really hard to find. Sure, there have been some great songs about baseball. But how many people have put together three albums of historically accurate and socially conscious songs about baseball? 330 more words


Missing Montreal

A funny thing happened at the ballpark the other day – we kept seeing Expos fans. Now, this is not an uncommon experience at Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals (who were once the Montreal Expos). 425 more words


Any Man with a Bat in His Hands Is Dangerous

Something got me thinking about Cesar Gutierrez, the light-hitting shortstop and short-time major leaguer who set an American League record with a 7-for-7 day at the plate for the Tigers in an extra inning game against the Indians in 1970.  480 more words

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