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47 Ronin

It seems that every culture has their own set of stories. Be they based on actual events or made up to explain the world around them; each is unique to that part of the world. 373 more words

Book Review

Timmy and the Blimp (Warning! May be a trigger for recovering addicts and Bi-Polar D sufferers)

Timmy was a guy who had a number of life-problems. You know, the kind of problems that are so sneaky that they become part of life and convince you that you can’t help it – that’s just how you are made. 640 more words

Short Story

The Girl Who Lived In Boxes

Marjorie had blonde hair and brown eyes. I remember them well. She was a quiet little girl who lived in boxes.

When she was still a baby, they put her in an apple box and parked her in front of the television set. 530 more words

Short Story