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Our Year of Food Intolerances - Part 2

The RPAH Elimination Diet was very daunting at first. I had already attempted this diet on my own, but I’d found it confusing, complicated and difficult to maintain. 437 more words

Elimination Diet

Good News v. Bad News (SPOILER ALERT: "Good News" wins)

BAD: Today I am fatigued and mostly in bed. Of course that still happens, and of course it happens after…

GOOD: Yesterday I spent three (three!) hours walking around a festival of local artists and artisans. 323 more words


Words like salt

A young lady got dressed up one beautiful morning for an interview that should start by 10am. She’d been awake since 5am, pressed her clothe and even decided not the eat, that she’ll go there fasting. 252 more words


Today, I:

- Swept the house and bagged it all.

- Cleaned the litterbox that lives on the first-story landing

- Washed, put away the dishes

- Pulled the dryer out of it’s cubby beside the washer, detached the hose, unplugged it and gave it some sweet fixings. 358 more words

Pobody's Nerfect

Ok, deep breath.

I know variables that contribute must be:

  • The weather has been kind.
  • 3 months into both, Gilenya and
  • Ampyra are fully back in my system…
  • 299 more words

More Thanks to Give

Today I didn’t use my cane. Today I didn’t need to use my cane. Today I actually didn’t even remember I needed it. I walked around the property with a yard crew, getting feedback on their progress and possible repairs — we’ve got a big yard, and though landscaping was once a fond hobby… 142 more words