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Another wallpaper changer for Gnome and Unity

The previous wallpaper changer that I wrote in Python served me well for the last 2 years, but sometimes it would get stuck with some wallpapers: of the 200 pictures I have in my wallpapers folder (mostly taken from… 696 more words


Mounting a 4TB external USB drive

Linux Mint 16 doesn’t seem to want to auto-mount a 4TB external USB drive, even though it is perfectly happy to do so for a 1TB unit. 192 more words


awk/sed print from line number to end of file

I have file with 10 lines where content of first line in 1, second line 2, third line is 4 …… and tenth line is 10. 86 more words


bash loop though multi line variable

I have a multi line variable in my bash script and wanted to iterate through each line of a variable.

To do this task I am using while loop. 83 more words


bash variable store and print multiple lines with new line

Bash supports string multi line output in a variable, also it allows to print multi line output with new line.

To store multi line output in a variable: 101 more words