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Countdown timer without bells but whistles

While writing the previous post, I felt the urge of.. eating. Yeah, I do that sometimes. So, I decided to cook. My problem with multitasking, when one of the tasks is cooking, is that I always fuck up the cooking. 649 more words


Including source code in LaTeX documents

Needed to include some R script in a document. Pasting straight in causes problems. Turns out the \listings package works well. Settings need to be tweaked a bit but otherwise easy to use. 146 more words


Batch converting images

Had a bunch of very large pdf images that needed to be scaled down to be included into a thesis. Converting to jpg in ubuntu seemed to bring file sizes down. 57 more words


Tip # 5 - Profilling R Code with Bash Script

Today I’ll show how to profile R code when you have a bash script to run you’re R code. Why you have a bash script? Why not? 73 more words


Please excuse this rather uninteresting blog post, I just wanted somewhere to store a copy of this bash script which backs up my MySql data.

111 more words

Tip # 3 - Regular Expressions of Log Files

There are two things that really nag me!

The need to work outside of windows and when something I knew to work stopped working. But well that’s life. 204 more words


awk print Nth line after matching a pattern

By using awk we can print only Nth line after matching a pattern.

Lets say I have a file test.txt with following content and I want to extract 5 line after matching pattern. 79 more words