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Va​grant Pro​visioning Bash Scripts

Click to Read: The goal of this project is to create easy to use bash scripts in order to provision a Vagrant server.


Linux - check if a remote port is open

By using nc(Netcat) command we can check if a port in remote machine is opened or closed.

Here is an example to check if remote port is opened or closed: 22 more words


bash - get previous command status

To get previous command status in bash use “$?” variable.

echo $? will return zero if previous command is success & if its non zero it indicates failure. 45 more words


Functions in a BASH script.

Hey friends here’s an other blog regarding BASH in which my aim is to help you understand basics about functions in BASH

The thing which I like about functions in BASH is that you can create/define a function at any point in your script & call it as per your requirement in the script. 215 more words


bash Script to dump shell commands to kill empty Asterisk meetme conferences

I have an Asterisk conference server that for reasons beyond the scope of discussion, still runs asterisk 1.6.x. And, by extension, still runs the meetme app. 309 more words


Elasticsearch In Azure PAAS [Worker Roles]

The Preamble
A few months ago I came across the free law project and its awesome dataset of court decisions from around the country. I think it is amazing that everyday people can have easy and free access to a searchable index of court decisions. 1,361 more words

Windows Azure

Basics of Shell Scripting

A quick overview: What is shell scripting?

Essentially, a shell script is a series of Unix commands. The main benefit of a shell script is that, if you find yourself frequently executing the same commands repeatedly, you can write a shell script and run the commands that way. 2,026 more words