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Va​grant Pro​visioning Bash Scripts

Click to Read: The goal of this project is to create easy to use bash scripts in order to provision a Vagrant server.


Linux - check if a remote port is open

By using nc(Netcat) command we can check if a port in remote machine is opened or closed.

Here is an example to check if remote port is opened or closed: 22 more words


bash - get previous command status

To get previous command status in bash use “$?” variable.

echo $? will return zero if previous command is success & if its non zero it indicates failure. 45 more words


Functions in a BASH script.

Hey friends here’s an other blog regarding BASH in which my aim is to help you understand basics about functions in BASH

The thing which I like about functions in BASH is that you can create/define a function at any point in your script & call it as per your requirement in the script. 215 more words


bash Script to dump shell commands to kill empty Asterisk meetme conferences

I have an Asterisk conference server that for reasons beyond the scope of discussion, still runs asterisk 1.6.x. And, by extension, still runs the meetme app. 309 more words