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Start services at boot time in Ubuntu

Services can be configured to start at boot time in Ubuntu."update-rc.d" is the command which does the job.

To start sendmail at boot time: 14 more words


Router Refresh Unix Script (Part 6) - Stage 3 - Integration

I have created very sophisticated script for comparing routing tables. I change the original Cisco IOS routing table into my own version, which makes it comparable among different IOS versions. 1,755 more words


Bay Bash and the fight against trash

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – There’s a big celebration Thursday night in Mobile that will highlight efforts to keep trash from flowing into area waterways.

Mobile Baykeeper is holding its annual Bay Bash. 106 more words


A recently discovered hole in the security of the Bourne-Again Shell (bash) has the majority of Unix/Linux (including OS X) admins sweating bullets. You should be, too–attackers have already developed exploits to unleash on unpatched web servers, network services and daemons 486 more words


LAN change default router

route del default
route add default gw


BibTool on the air

Yesterday night, just before leaving for Coventry, I realised I had about 30 versions of my “mother of all .bib” bib file, spread over directories and with… 273 more words

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