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Youth in Eastern, Central regions ignorant of basic human rights

The Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF), a non-governmental organization has called for a concerted effort by parents, state institutions and private firms to educate the youth on human rights issues. 220 more words


All Men Are Created Equal [?]

This is not a piece talking about equality in cultural movements (modern feminism, affirmative actions etc.). That is for an entirely different day and entirely specific topics. 870 more words


7.1 Million People Insured Today--not an April Fool's joke

One of the admittedly few truly joyous moments of working on the Obama for America campaign, which morphed into Organizing for Action, is a day like today when we get a Thank You from the man in the middle―the one with the patience of Job, a tolerance beyond human understanding, and genuine, unconditional concern for the citizens of the United States of America. 337 more words

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Eat Your Way Towards a Better Body

Considering my vast experience in the food world, (I’ve been eating since the day I was born), random strangers often request advice on how to attain a slender and extraordinarily strong physique.   198 more words

This needs your email signature...quickly!

A banner will be unveiled at the Supreme Court on March 25, and it needs your name and support. If you click on the link and scroll down, you’ll see where to add endorsement . 149 more words

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Empowering people with dementia

Why should we need empower ourselves, or help to empower others to speak up? Why don’t more people with dementia speak up? And why do they need to? 708 more words

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Human Rights: To say is not to do.

Lately my work has taken me to examining the roots of some basic human rights concepts, among them, freedoms–freedom of assembly, freedom of speech–freedom to be the person you are, to explore your passions, and express yourself in the myriad of ways that humans do, without arbitrary restraint. 607 more words