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If you live in the US and are worried about getting Ebola, you’re self-absorbed.

My dear friend Lisa shared this with me on Facebook:

I love a good Kim K jab, especially if it’s intended to calm down some of this Ebolanoia*. 535 more words

Public Health News

You Don't Have The Right

I should be able to wear what I want.

I should be able to put on a tight dress, some high heels and jewelry and walk into a bar feeling comfortable and confident. 935 more words


When an Unarmed Black Man Gets Shot by a White Cop

And no, this, is still N-O-T the last time this will EVER happen!!!

When an unarmed black man gets shot by a white cop, wait a minute, did I get shipped back somewhere in time again, because it’s feeling a whole lot like déjà vu!!! 162 more words

Properties Of Life


Religious world is full of many believes.The concept of freedom in different religions is unique.Prophets fought for many types of freedom.

Each and every prophet freed mankind from fake gods and wrong systems.Only the system of ONE TRUE GOD can take care of every one. 253 more words

Punching walls hurts (and so do people)

Why am I not taken seriously as a person? I may be young, but that does not mean I am not entitled to believe what I want to believe, and speak what I want to say. 204 more words