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It's trendy to want to feel oppressed...

I feel like I’m missing out on this whole Find Something to Feel Oppressed About and Get Really Really Outraged About It! thing that’s taking the country by storm. 48 more words

PropertyValues.us.org Thinks Detroit Needs To Provide Residents With Water

PropertyValues.us.org is not a socialist organization. We believe the free market capitalist system is what keeps the real estate market going, so we support it. But PropertyValues.us.org also believes that the government sometimes needs to step in to not only protect its citizens, but also to make sure that property values don’t collapse. 300 more words


Quiet, please, Mr. Cheney

Charles M. Blow wrote a great op-ed in the June 18 NY Times about the gall of Dick Cheney in dissing the president’s handling of Iraq, included in the link below. 178 more words

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If We're Not Free to Love, Whoever We Want to

Another MAJOR issue on gay marriages, and no, still NOT a lesbian here, believe it or don’t, do I really C-A-R-E???  Uh, HECK NO!!!

If we’re not free to love, whoever we want to, then, what’s the purpose of life?   233 more words