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Oregon Health Authority plans to cover surgery for transgender people!

In January the Oregon Health Authority plans to cover hormone therapy and sex-reassignment surgery for transgender Oregonians. This is covered through Medicaid and helps low income transgender people. 21 more words

Trans* Talk

Continuing to do the Wrong Thing!

I seriously wonder if the police in Ferguson aren’t quite possibly all trying to live up to the late Richard J Daley’s famous gaffe during the 1968 Democratic Convention: 38 more words

Basic Human Rights

How? Why?

I’ve been observing the Ferguson, MO Michael Brown shooting aftermath from a distance and without paying too much attention. It seemed pretty clear that the police shot an unarmed person. 209 more words

Basic Human Rights

Forcefully Saving the Terminally Ill IS Torturing Them


If you have a loved one who’s suffering right now, consider this, translated…

The amendments for terminal care on January 9, 2013 had been passed into law.   912 more words


It's trendy to want to feel oppressed...

I feel like I’m missing out on this whole Find Something to Feel Oppressed About and Get Really Really Outraged About It! thing that’s taking the country by storm. 48 more words