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Opinash releases new single 'Basic Instinct'

The digital music artist known as Opinash has released his new single track, “Basic Instinct.” The single has been published as an independent release outside the sphere of control of the corporate music industry. 300 more words

The Most Controversial Films of All Time

With The Interview, James Franco and Seth Rogen have set off an unintentional firestorm, as hackers opposed to their film’s subject matter have exposed private communications within Sony Pictures. 48 more words

Magnotta murder trial: What the jury wasn't allowed to see

WATCH ABOVE: Jury deliberations begin over the fate of Luka Magnotta

MONTREAL – Jurors will begin deliberating the fate of Luka Rocco Magnotta on Tuesday with an overwhelming amount of material to consider, including a mountain of video evidence. 1,174 more words


Part 1 of 2: Living the Lie: Role and fantasy in real life.

What is the cost of the inauthentic life?  Do we limit ourselves if all we ever are is a role?

Recently I saw the movie… 482 more words


Passion: A Liberating Primal Instinct Or A Sin?

“Our passions are true phoenixes; as the old burn out the new straight rise up from the ashes.”   – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It’s Blasphemous To Confess Want Of Pleasure! 1,359 more words


90's terrific cults: think twice before getting involved!

Fatal attraction, Sleeping with the enemy, Basic instinct, The war of the Roses.

Suspense, obsession, lust, sex, possession, blood, death, craziness… and a common message: be careful who you sleep with, and/or with whom you’re married with. 221 more words


Awas! 5 Film Ini Kurang Asyik Ditonton Bareng Bonyok Lo!

Menonton film adalah salah satu kegiatan yang sangat mengasyikan dilakukan bersama dengan orang tua. Tawa, canda, tangis hingga adegan yang penuh aksi dapat kita nikmati bersama mereka yang sangat kita cintai. 553 more words