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When it comes to judging physical appearance....

We all attract physical attention in one way or another. At certain points in our lives, the way we look is a topic of discussion. What meets the eye catches the ear and sometimes, we dish out more than we can take. 607 more words


Movie Elements: Crime and Mystery

I recently, and finally, watched “Basic Instincts” an icon in it’s own right. It’s reputation precedes it and the brutality with which it deals with genre cliches had me wincing. 978 more words

Criticisms And Theory

When ‘Royalty’ is at Her Majesty’s service

I rested beneath the icy waters of Atlantic, surveying the ‘School of Pisces’. The placid corals were the bed for their clamorous activities. The rainbow appeared pale against the buoyant hues of Nemo, Dory, Gurgle, Pearl and others. 434 more words

Basic Instinct

Big Men = Basic Instinct

In real life I’m not into men with hysterically huge Marvel Comics muscles. The body builder look doesn’t actually appeal to me much. Perhaps as it probably means he spends more time in front of a mirror, at the gym or weighing his chicken and rice than he’ll ever spend with me. 856 more words

A Masochism Tango

The Femme Fatale

The Femme Fatale has become an archetypal character in cinema from as early on as Sunrise in 1927. The woman of the city, the vamp, personifying all the forbidden sexual pleasures of modern urban life.   1,043 more words