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How Best to Handle an Economy

Dear America,

Capitalism isn’t working.  All of our wealth is concentrated into a small percentage of the population. People step on each other to get to the top. 325 more words


On Capitalism

Dear America,

Our country was founded on ideas of freedom to do as you please, including the right to manage your own finances.  We are allowed and expected to make as much money as we possible can in our lives.   214 more words


Is Money Worth It?

Dear America,

We spend so much of our time worrying about money.  We have to keep our job, pay for food, get insurance, and the list continues.   249 more words


Donations Needed to Ensure Christmas Gifts for Young and Old in QCA

This is the season of giving, and every year, local residents are generous in their donations to a wide range of charities and causes. But, thousands of people in our community – young and old – are at risk of falling between the cracks, and your help is needed now to give Christmas gifts to those in need. 734 more words

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How to identifying the users behaviours, part 2/2 (ENG)

This is second and last post of one of the most important think when you do gamification: identifying the user behaviours. Previous post I wrote two most of commons thinks why people spend their money? 410 more words


What do we need? Wisdom from a bathroom stall.

In this holiday season of giving and getting, let’s keep in mind what matters most:

Sarah Zureick-brown