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New United Way Report Shows 29% of Bay Area Households Are Struggling to Afford Basic Needs

Some Families Need Four Minimum Wage Workers to Make Ends Meet.

San Francisco, CA, USA (October 23, 2014) — Struggling to Make Ends Meet on Minimum Wage, new brief by United Way of the Bay Area, reveals that as of 2012, 29% of Bay Area households were struggling to cover the cost of basic needs. 588 more words

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Having a Balanced Life Style in France

Wherever and whenever you are, you will always need to have some of the most basic needs of human being. The very basic ones are food, clothes, home, health, education, and many more. 201 more words


How can we possibly prevent obesity when there is so much inequality?

Make no mistake about it: wealth inequality is one of the main drivers of health and disease generally. Inequality is strongly associated with outcomes such as obesity, depression, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, etc. 283 more words


[Re-Plug] Hierarchy of Basic Needs

In therapy last week, my therapist shared with me the six basic needs of all humans–connection, purpose, security/safety, acceptance, belonging, significance. These are the human needs at the emotional level, not necessarily the survival level. 661 more words


Bullying and obesity go hand in hand in so many ways

If you have any working experience in an obesity treatment facility you would be very familiar with the many gut-wrenching stories of bullying that the patients have experienced. 560 more words


**spolier alert for The Year of the Flood**

With our discussion of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs fresh in my mind, I began to read the first section of The Year of the Flood. With the framework of basic needs versus wants in the forefront of my mind, I saw many instances where Toby had to choose basic, human needs over all else. 330 more words


Lasting weight loss comes from the inside, not the outside

It’s quite remarkable just how much we continue to search for well-being and happiness from outside sources, such as a new job, new relationship, new car, hairstyle, watch, suit, dress, shoes, and the list goes on. 550 more words