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Emotions trumps rational thought

Modern medicine is only just starting to understand the raw power of emotions. Yet the society we have created is very much geared towards rational thought, and using rational thought to plan ahead to get us where we want to be. 481 more words


First Unitarian Universalist Society of Marietta

Mission: To follow God’s direction and the teachings of Jesus Christ while growing in worship and service. 70 more words


The Daily Bread Kitchen

Mission: To serve a meal to whoever walks through the door every Wednesday at lunchtime. 37 more words


Washington-Morgan Community Action

Mission: To help low income individuals and families achieve growth and success. 53 more words


Washington County Habitat for Humanity

Mission: To partner with Washington County families to build and/or renovate decent, affordable housing. 34 more words


Washington County Harvest of Hope

Mission: To identify and utilize a variety of local resources to generate more food in order to assist hungry people of the Mid-Ohio Valley. 34 more words