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Relevance Captured in a Simple Graphic

We can make it more complicated, but this is what it boils down to, especially for teachers and parents.

Like every human being on the planet, students crave relevance. 439 more words

Jim Roy Posts

Deteriorating Lists

I think most of us create lists where we prioritize what we are hoping to find in a potential spouse. We all have standards and are pretty sure of what we are hoping to find in our significant others. 605 more words

Basic Needs

How to Plan the Perfect Vacation

I’ve just arrived home from a WONDERFUL family camping vacation, and found myself thinking how lucky we were to have had this time together.  But truly, it’s not just about luck – it’s about planning.  330 more words


Treasures in Clay Jars

Sometimes the best secrets are kept out in the open. Like the Sherlock Holmes case where a highly confidential letter was “hidden in plain sight,” there are two aspects of my life that are right in front of my nose, and yet I don’t even see them until I’m in crisis mode. 581 more words

Basic Needs

Meeting Basic Needs as an Influencer of Performance

It’s great how performance can be influenced by those you meet or connect with.  I recently connected with Dr Margaret Byrne, Principal Consultant with UGM Consulting and powerful educator in her own right. 570 more words

What does it mean to LIVE UNITED?

Matt Quigley
Administrative Assistant

To answer this question, I have to look back at how I got to United Way of Salt Lake.

I first heard of United Way of Salt Lake while I worked in development at Pioneer Theatre Company. 294 more words


The Effects of Our Efforts

Tim Coray
Granger Elementary Community School Director

“The most powerful variable in school improvement is instructional leadership.” Steve Ventura began this year’s Summer Institute at Granite School District offices with this finding. 408 more words