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Limiting Yourself

Today I would like to invite you to explore some potential ways you may be limiting yourself. Let’s begin with a question: How many choices do you make that are “practical” while ignoring or dismissing the choices that follow your true desires? 1,354 more words


Pioneer Women Probably Didn’t Wonder About That: A Hierarchy of Needs

Sometimes I feel like I’m gonna cry because I didn’t do that homemade play-doh project I was going to do. Or because my kid doesn’t know how to play hide-and-seek or climb a tree. 860 more words


Repair Your Foundations

Having you ever hoped for a home?  You drive by and you see a beautiful white picketed fence. It is perfect! You’re certain! Then, as you go through the basement and inspect the foundation of the house you begin to notice something … tiny, hairline cracks. 843 more words

Food, clothing and shelter. Are you kidding me bro?

Well well well, they say food, clothing and shelter (FCS) are the basic necessities of life.Is it?

Ok now, let’s make a character for checking whether this FCS concept is true or not. 687 more words

Politics and children

“If Modi does well, then I’ll vote for him when I get to vote.”

“After 10 years? You can vote only after 10 years. And by that time you think Modi will still be there?” 228 more words