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Low conjuncture job for safe grounds

Without fullfilling basic needs you lack the vitality to accomplish your authentic dreams and goals. Authentic means your true intentions towards life and is based around your deepest desires. 223 more words

Personal Evolution

Polarity abounds and why it's time for a new way of doing things

It appears to be a human condition to react very slowly, if at all, to adverse changes that happen very gradually (think the obesity epidemic). If bad things happen very quickly, then we have no problem mobilizing at all, such as what happened during the SARS outbreak just over a decade ago. 393 more words


We need to unite

There are many things we need to do in order to banish the obesity epidemic, such as flushing the junk food and sugar industry down the toilet (please watch… 395 more words


Want to lose weight?

“Ready, are you?”

Last week, there was a lot of focus on abuse. This is not the easiest thing to read about, but given how clear it has become that childhood abuse is probably our #1 cause of disease, disability and death, this is not a topic we can continue to ignore. 763 more words


You are not a dog!

Today I’ve had a great experience!

I saw a dog sneaking through the garbage for food, while, I was having my morning tea in a shop. 151 more words

Personal Reflections

"In my end is my beginning" TS Elliot

The ACE study pyramid.

Today I am saluting what I consider to be absolutely groundbreaking research which modern medicine has been ignoring for far too long. 544 more words


Emotions trumps rational thought

Modern medicine is only just starting to understand the raw power of emotions. Yet the society we have created is very much geared towards rational thought, and using rational thought to plan ahead to get us where we want to be. 481 more words