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Abnormal smear

What is the management for ? Invasive or ? Glandular cells on smear?

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Over the past few weeks of working at Amvets (I’m on my third full week now), there have been an array of, should we say… … 75 more words

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About two days ago, my manager had a decent story to tell. At Amvets, as with most thrift stores, there’s an industrial sized shoot that leads to a compressor, ending with an enclosed dumpster. 169 more words

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My coworkers

Todays excerpt will explore my coworkers.  They’re a rowdy bunch but beautiful in their own peculiar ways.

First there’s my boss.  If you follow my other blog, you’ll already know he’s gay, and so am I.  237 more words

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Wasp the Hell?

Not sure what is happening recently and if it’s me or this building or maybe a common thing that just hasn’t been reported widely in my area. 524 more words

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wow ok then... so sexy.

Today marked the first opportunity at work to witness the revolting end of donations to Amvets thrift store.  Now mind you, it’s not your average thrift store, where Amvets pays it’s profits to veterans and provides used items for veterans, and the general public of course.  172 more words

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