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Seven Basic Methods To Support You Throw An Awesome Engagement Get Together

Offering Tree Photography
Your guy or lady has just place the ring on your finger and you. Are. So. Psyched!!!
Now, just before you go running¬†off to figure out what color napkins you want at the wedding ceremony, you require to stop and get a deep breath and truly get in the fact … … 6 more words

Character Sheets? Yeah, I draw those too!

I’m a sucker for a pretty character sheet.

In July of 2009 I posted my first hand-drawn D&D character sheet to the blog. It was inspired by a player in one of my campaigns who used landscape sheets and of course the awesomeness of the old sheets for the Fighting Fantasy game books. 83 more words


Project Two: Palindrome

The palindrome project requires that the program test whether a given string is a palindrome, which is a word or phrase that is spelled with the same characters both forwards and backwards. 156 more words


The Timex Sinclair 1000

The Timex Sinclair 1000 was launched in July 1982 as a joint-venture between Timex Corporation and Sinclair Research at an initial retail price of $99.95 making it one of the least expensive home computers at that time.  545 more words