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Wholemeal Loaf

I couldn’t put it off any longer, I decided to tackle the Wholemeal Loaf, which looked disconcertingly similar to the disastrous White Cob Loaf.  Having learned from my earlier shaped loaf, I decided to be cautious when adding the liquid!  106 more words


Soda Bread

The next bread in the book after the White Cob Loaf is a Wholemeal Loaf which looks pretty similar to the White Cob Loaf.  Given that my confidence had been knocked a bit with the White Cob Loaf, I thought I’d leave that one for later and skipped a page onto Soda Bread, here’s how it panned out…. 190 more words


The author is nuts

Debunking From little Acorns…

So the author has decided to write a post expanding on answers he gave to questions on his blog that we’ve already examined here… but it seems sensible to cover some of the ground again. 882 more words


Origami Cranes

Thousand Origami Cranes stems from a Japanese legend, familiar to many. The legend suggests that those who fold a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish. 103 more words


Back to basic: la camicia azzurra

Con l’inverno cupo e piovoso che abbiamo avuto, e l’entusiasmo per una primavera più calda e luminosa del solito, mi sono lanciata direttamente alle magliette senza passare dalle camicie. 428 more words


WPF Commands (part 2)

Let’s start with a program that uses Cut, Copy and Paste in two TextBoxes without writing any C# code. This is not a typo. We only need XAML for this. 3,181 more words


White Cob Loaf

Emboldened by the success of my White Tin Bread I was very keen to get started on the next bread in the book – the white cob loaf. 262 more words