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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – CK

 ~What to Wear~

With all the excitement that comes with summer (weddings, vacations, birthday parties, concerts, etc.) there are always going to be moments where you just want to kick back, pour a jumbo glass of Chardonnay, and shut off your brain. 725 more words

Sight distance - types of sight distance

The capacity and safety of a road substantially depend on the presence of good visibility. To ensure that the road does have good visibility the meaning of the term first must be explained and one or more ways of measuring it would have to be developed.  589 more words


Not Knowing

While having a conversation with my father I asked him if he knew there were nudist beaches in San Francisco, which he immediately denied. Having seen a nudist beach and having read about them in the area I was quick to correct him. 117 more words


The Homework That Really Matters

I have been reading a lot of BDSM literature recently, and watching educational videos (no, not a porn euphemism), and have learnt a lot about how wonderful it all is and how special D/s relationships are. 752 more words


What the Hell Is a Down?

Understanding what a down is will go a long way in helping you understand the game of football.

It’s going down…

See what I did there? 783 more words


Is Modern Wheat Making You Fat and Sick?

This great article is from Alternative Daily and came my way courtesy of paleohacks.com. I also agree with Dave’s (from paleoahacks) notes on gluten free products and that going grain-free (not just gluten-free) is the best thing to do. 1,565 more words


A Home Cook reblogged this on Mermaid's tresses and commented:

When DetoxMama posted this a while ago, my first thought was 'that explains it'. My father is intolerant of wheat but not gluten, and now it all makes sense. Why reblog it? Because she's said it all so well.

Review of Jack's Classic Petunia FeED Fertilizer

Earlier this summer, while replenishing my fertilizer supplies at a local nursery, I came upon Jack’s Classic Petunia FeED. Made by the reliable JR Peters Inc, long known for its excellent assortment of indoor plant fertilizers, the clever name suggests petunia nutrients including chelated (ED) iron (Fe). 718 more words