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Its very important for routing and is enabled default in IOS.

Its method by which router made himself available to the host.How ?

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Fresh Herb Tagliatelle - on fresh pasta and why you should make some today!

Hi there everyone, look at my new toy!  I saved up a little bit from each paycheck all summer and bought this bad-ass, butcher block kitchen cart!   857 more words



How the ARP works ? Basic question but very imp to know it.

ARP is address resolution protocol,used to resolve logical IP address to physical hardware address. 232 more words


I love My Mom

My mom will be in town this week, so I am struggling to think of anything but what we’ll be doing. Everything in moderation, including moderation. 418 more words

Addition of Decimal Numbers

Addition of Decimal Numbers-:

Decimal numbers are numbers which contain meaningful digits after the decimal point, e.g. 3.14159 is a decimal number. In the previous post we dealt with whole numbers, these are also decimal numbers simply with infinite 0s after the decimal point hence my use of the word “meaningful” in the last sentence ergo we can consider the whole numbers as a subset of decimal numbers. 318 more words


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on proper Vastu

‘The house is not an accident. The house has its connectedness with everyone who lives inside it and who is outside it. And outside, there is no limitation for outside—sun, moon, stars, galaxies, whole universe. 396 more words


Step #2, Exploring your surroundings, or: Trying to figure out which products I have now

Hi guys,

This post was somewhat delayed as I was busy leaning on my toilet and puking my stomach out, due to a bad virus that’s going around nowadays. 1,740 more words

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