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It is a small writing to a human being...and still a small piece of blogging to humanity

Oh, here you are! 안녕하세요. 어떻게 오셨어용? Доброго времени суток!
Greeting, my dear earthlings and those who have found this page from some other unknown corners of the Solar System. 330 more words


Object [Deep] Merge/Extend in POJS (Plain Ol' JavaScript)

I know there are a lot of JavaScript libraries that include a method to merge/extend (we’ll call it merge from here on) plain objects, but what if: 1) you’re not using one of those (unlikely these days), or 2) you need to do some object merge magic before one of those handy libraries loads (very possible, and the reason why I wrote this function, which has probably been written thousands of times in the history of JavaScript, but oh well)? 213 more words


Media Marketing Talent

I have been doing movie marketing for years and increasingly the quality of talent is coming down and more than that there is high attrition rate in media and esp movies… 118 more words


Battle of the Smartphones

Most phone contracts last two years, which is a lifetime when it comes to technology. There are more choices than ever, and it’s hard to tell the difference. 971 more words


the beginning...

Welcome to Love of the Original. Here you will find a place to rest from the worries of life, to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, take a breath, and appreciate all the life and beauty around us that is this beautiful home of ours called Earth. 75 more words

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Programming basics : Using loops

Welcome reader,

This blog post will cover the use of loops. Loops are used to repeat the same operation(s) at least once. Usually, most programs you can think of will need this kind of functionnality. 847 more words


Learn Chinese Day #63

Four   四  (sì)

Five  五 (wǔ)

Six  六 (liù)


  • Grammar: Let’s learn four, five and six in Chinese!  Four is “sì”; five is “wǔ”; six is “liù”.  
  • 138 more words