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Back to basics

Whatever you do, it is crucial to start from the very beginning. Fashion is no exception. It has already been said millions of times yet I still decided to write my first fashion post about the basics in the wardrobe. 712 more words


no-kneed bread

you will not believe how easy this bread is! It does very well with white and whole wheat flour. I can’t personally vouch for other varieties but I’ve heard rye is great too. 238 more words


End of official exams + HotD teaser! [M]

After noon, babes!


As you may have guessed, my exams are over and I may begin to enjoy my anime again. This summer I have a list of anime to finish, re-watch, and start. 592 more words


Golden Retriever Training: Teaching Recall

Are you worried to let your golden retriever puppy off the leash in case it doesn’t come back? If so, read on and learn flawless golden retriever puppy training to ensure that your pet comes racing back every single time you call. 12 more words

Flea and Tick Awareness: Things You Need to Know

Regardless of whether you live in a location where you are only concerned with fleas and ticks from spring through early fall or in a warmer climate, where you battle these pests year-round, you need methods and products that actually work. 9 more words

A Guide to Training Your Dog on the Leash

Leash training will ultimately dictate how well you enjoy your valuable bonding time with your dog. If leash training is not done properly, you will dread the thought of your daily exercise session with your four-legged friend. 13 more words

quinoa 101

My competing passion, an expensive habit called travel, has been the recipient of my attention lately; apologies for my prolonged absences from the kitchen and therefore this blog. 633 more words