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CMBA Forgotten Stars Blogathon: Pure Soul

Ann Harding kills me. No, not literally, of course. That’s just my slangy way of noting her effect. I’m left breathless when I watch her. I feel as if she’s reached deep into me, stirred up my heart and lungs, pulled up my guts, and discombobulated my brain. 2,553 more words


Second Breakfast/Octoberween: The Comedy of Terrors

Halloween is less than a week away! It’s about damn time. I hope you’re all prepared. I expect costumes, candy, and a mounting atmosphere of terror and gloom. 895 more words

Movie Review

31 Days of Horror: Film 17: The Haunted Palace (1963)

It’s time for the 31 Days of Horror: 2014 Edition. For those of you who weren’t around for last year’s journey, the plan is to watch at least 31 horror movies I’ve never seen before and review them all. 730 more words

31 Days Of Horror

Baron Wolf von Frankenstein: Have you ever even seen him?

Inspector Krogh: Most vivid recollection of my life. I was but a child at the time, about the age of your own son Herr Baron.

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Son of Frankenstein 1939

Son of Frankenstein 1939

A snarky review of this classic horror film by Nantan Lupan @ the Drive-In. Son of Frankenstein 1939 had some of the biggest stars of their time – Basil Rahtbone, Bela Lugosi, … 2,722 more words

Snarky Movie Reviews

The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938) - reviewed by George

This old film, in black and white, sounds as though it might be a history lesson, but it is an adventure film with a lot of clever dialogue, and a final action sequence featuring hordes of horsemen attacking the palace of Kublai Khan in Peking. 318 more words