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The Ultimate Ranking of Sports Team Names, Part Five: Blank Space

With a list like this, there are going to be a bunch of names that come up which are too good to be really worth complaining about, but not good enough to be worth raving about; names which are extraordinarily difficult to rank because you have no clue exactly where to put them. 2,455 more words

Holier Than Thou - Lists And Reviews

Face Your Fears

Because I got off so late last night, Joi was ready to talk my head off when I got home. We were discussing her upcoming birthday and she started reminiscing. 111 more words

STUCK on Beautiful

It’s war here.

Even though living in the North it’s quiet (aside from the tears and mourning from friends and families of the fallen soldiers who are from up here), I can honestly say that I wouldn’t mind a break from it once in a while. 749 more words

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Stop Keeping College Athletes Poor and Trapped

A new survey finds that 60% of incoming college football players support unions for college athletes. The horror! Were such unions allowed, our glorious cities would crumble to nothing more than shoddy tents stitched together from tattered remnants of Old Glory; our government officials would be loin-cloth-clad elders gathered in the rubble of an old McDonald’s passing a Talking Stick; our naked children would roam the urban wilderness like howling wolves, their minds as blank as their lost Internet connection. 1,180 more words

Celebrating Phyllis Diller, Shoni Schimmel Shining, and Lots More in FNITN 90!

Hello Funny Names Fans! We have a stacked pile of funny names goodness this week, so read on through for your weekly dose!

We start with delightful news from Alameda, CA, who last Saturday… 673 more words