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WMMpress: JulyFest coverage

WMMpress via Kimberley Daily Bulletin

Kimberley Chamber announces JulyFest acts


JulyFest planning is now well underway and many have been eagerly waiting the announcement of which band will play the Civic Centre on Saturday night, July 19. 266 more words

Shaun Verreault


”I write of You”

Cada vez me convenzo más, y lamentablemente es por charlas que he tenido con diversas personas, no necesariamente reflexiones introspectivas, de que las ideas deben salir de la mente para que sean reales, hay que plasmarlas en algún lado, decirlas, gritarlas, escupirlas… susurrarlas, pero hacerlas salir, no tiene sentido dejarlas prisioneras con nuestros demonios, malditos de ellos, son capaces de destrozarlas. 375 more words


First Gig With the Acoustic Bass

Tonight I played an acoustic gig with Chris Jones, at ‘The Anchor’ pub in Worcester. A nice tight venue, with a lively crowd who loved the music we played. 839 more words

James Chatfield

Working on a Solo Piece - Response

Whilst I was waiting around to play on Friday nights gig (As we had 6 hours till we played), me and Carl were sat working on our techniques and also messing around with Cubase. 647 more words

James Chatfield

Supremely Far Out - Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood

Spoken word, acid, jazz, at times leaden sitar the accomplished American jazz bassist Bill Plummer created The Cosmic Brotherhood with a series of whacky releases of with Eastern and psychedelically-charged music that challenged contemporary ideas about jazz in the 1960s and employed some a terrible rhyming scheme for most of the lyrics. 131 more words


Listening Tools: The Backbone of Rock Bands

People listen to music in many ways. Some use it as background noise, others experience it and make it their life, others critically listen to it and pick it apart like a math equation. 664 more words


[Slightly Tipsy] Musician Appreciation Friday!

Please say that I am not the only one that has always been desperate to play the Californication Music Video -video game?! If you’re a clever soul, and you appreciate fabulous music you will know exactly who I appreciate this week: The Red Hot Chili Peppers. 602 more words