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The Present: Ephemera


Those who extend their understanding to brave these incompetences Surrounding dry arch wit and clueless circumstances Prey upon Ephemeral elementals for want of better terms, and the reason, the Logic, proven by Fact and Historical accuracy, serves the favours of Beastly and incompetent reason at the expense of Imagination, which is never prescribed, always unexpected, transparently wondrous and incongruous; Beautiful in perpetuity and the colourful states of ambiguous, tremulous wavering before the receptive audit, an Imagining one who sees whole new lives unfold in brand new shades of impossible unmeaning and illuminated phraseological pictures. 849 more words

Experimental Fiction

Yob + Pallbearer and Bast // The Underworld, London 08/09/14

Occasionally a live show comes along which proves to be utterly compulsory to attend. For those that miss out on said event, the jealously is all-consuming, for those who were lucky enough to grab a ticket early on, the glow of happiness is hard to ignore. 485 more words

Black Metal

FR: Mayhem Madness

It was so easy that it was almost no fun at all. The way that they cried out for mercy, for a release that he wasn’t inclined in the least to give them, it was nearly boring. 1,490 more words


Dropping a note

***Internet was down for a few days. I also started working on a research blog post about Bast.  Man, I could write a whole book on just the subject of her many names and faces. 178 more words


Bast Egyptian Cat Goddess Necklace

Egyptian cat goddess Bast (or Bastet), goddess of music, dance, pleasure, and love. Worn for love and happiness. Silver finish pewter. An ankh is engraved on the back. 7 more words

Raw Materials

I recently taught a class in Richmond, VA about making thread from wisteria and kudzu fibers. Here are some photos of my preparations. Wisteria bark fiber and hardwood ash.


Hand Spun