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Portret, nujen del osebne blagovne znamke

Podoba pove več kot 1.000 besed, toda podoba z obrazom še mnogo več. V poslovnem okolju, predstavlja podoba tisto drobno razliko med tem, ali pridobimo posel ali pa zamudimo priložnost. 96 more words


From "Rouges," The Lightning Tree

A little sweetness is all any of us have sometimes. It’s always worth it. Even if it takes some work.

–Bast, to Nettie Williams, during his visit to the Williams house… 14 more words

Patrick Rothfuss

It Was Caturday

So this is about a week or so late, but hectic lately again (work, helping people move, mountain fun, home owner stuff, new car stuff, finding a local microbrew, writing, spending time with friends, you know hectic). 592 more words

Bast Egyptian Cat Goddess Necklace

Egyptian cat goddess Bast (or Bastet), goddess of music, dance, pleasure, and love. Worn for love and happiness. Silver finish pewter. An ankh is engraved on the back. 7 more words

Thinness of Self

I had lain in bed at dawn, savoring the taste of silence, appreciating the moment of dark quiet with Widget snuggled against my side and Phoenix curled at my feet. 1,204 more words