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And Now I Will Punch Myself in the Face

AKA: Shine is a Doofus, But She’s Lernin’z

I have an occasional diversion in which I like to indulge (read: I’m supposed to be programming a web app but I don’t wanna and I also don’t want to get sucked into the blackhole of Reddit). 1,712 more words


Are You My Mother?

As a Kemetic, I am finding myself looking for the symbolism in everything I experience. Up to now it seems that in many situations I feel like I have missed things, that had I been in tuned to the symbollic, perhaps I would have identified things differently and thus made other choices in my life. 1,128 more words


Walk Like an Egyptian

I am not sure when my fascination with Ancient Egypt began; I have been interested for as long as I can remember.  In 6th grade I did a project centered around Ancient Egypt, my daughter had to make something from Ancient Egyptian culture (ok, I admit I totally took over the project!) and my first college paper was on Nefertiti; it is just something I have always gravitated towards. 475 more words


the Less-Time Isle

This fortnight at the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic forum, Amerence says:

Let’s talk about “Time” in Timeless Isle — How much play time do you really spend time hanging out in this Island?

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"Constructionist" at Bubastis

Well, I’m doing some construction to my blog. Maybe I will add a page or two, here or there. I plan on redoing my “About.” Honestly, I didn’t think things would go in this direction, but I guess things rarely go in the direction we plan. 548 more words

Claws so protective
Fangs so vicious
Heart so gentle
Love so kind
hear you
I feel you
We are one



In the safety of his bed
Warm, naked and silky smooth
I stare at that deep crevatious curve that makes his back a delight to indulge in… 222 more words