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Angry Mob Attacks Submarine Base After Somebody Realises ‘Torpedo’ Ends In ‘Pedo’

An angry mob of people dressed primarily in flannelette track suits attacked a submarine base yesterday.

The mob – made up of overweight women brandishing National Lottery scratchcards, feral children riding around on stolen BMX bicycles and shifty-looking men with no teeth – stormed the base en masse last night after one of their number realised ‘torpedo’ ends in ‘pedo’. 257 more words


Neighbours are crap

I’m kinda scared of conflicts. So I haven’t said anything for about nine years of living in this awesome apartment. My upstairs neighbours throws dirty water from their balcony. 439 more words

Two reviews

(Two blog posts in one night because I’m temporarily on wifi.)

Darkness, Darkness by John Harvey

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

The final outing for John Harvey’s Nottingham police detective, Charlie Resnick, concerns a murder that happened 30 years before, during the epochal 1984-5 miners’ strike. 817 more words


Morning day dreams and traffic jams

You wake up to a fresh new day and all you want is your morning beverage of choice! To sit on your favourite chair and try wake up so you can face the day…. 274 more words


buying/selling used stuff is the shits

i put lucy’s old dog house on usedcowichan.com for free a few weeks ago.

the ad says it’s big and heavy so bring some people to move it. 404 more words

Good advice on the art school crit, and great advice for navigating around negatrons:

“…stay away from drama queens, bastards, and bullies, even the ones who are powerful and who seem to hold the potential for your future professional advancement.

14 more words

Oh, Yes - Wasps Are Horrible

As temperatures soar across the country, Britons are being reminded of how horrible wasps are.