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Tiger detruir la CIA dans les pays de monde

Tiger un chose que le gouverne de le monde peuvent faire est de diminuer a fin de detruir les mauvaise actions de la CIA dans chaque pays de monde. 18 more words

Europa Park - white faced terror, yours for €40

As you can probably guess, I’m not a big fan of theme parks. I gather Europa is second-biggest in Europe, after Disney Paris, and it certainly attracts a lot of visitors. 765 more words


Is This Ice Bucket Thing Just A Bunch Of Bastards Being Bastards Or What?

Y’all heard of that ice bucket thing right?

You know what, I don’t know how you’re living, I shouldn’t assume shit like that. If you aint seen it yet, and you weren’t bothered to watch that video, there’s a new craze sweeping the internet. 1,202 more words


I give them treats and cuddles, and still they mock me.

This will also take some getting used to, hearing this being used every day, again. 45 more words


Cliev and Team Australia talk strategy | Wednesday 20 August 2014

I’m sick today. Wild fever dreams over night.

Anyway, this seems to be the stupid little gaffe that will not die. My mate Fergus Ryan at Business Spectator… 113 more words


The Chinese Government Are 'Bastards,' Says an Australian MP

An Australian legislator and mining magnate has delivered a scathing tirade against Chinese investment in Australia, calling the Chinese government “bastards” who want to usurp control of the nation. 745 more words

in memoriam

“Good morning Vietnam…”

Oh shit, there’s nothing good about it.

Gone. He’s gone.

That leaves me sad

The man could make me laugh

Hysterically so. 127 more words

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