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Christoph waltz : The love for dialogue delivery

Col. Hans Landa(waltz): Now if one were to determine what attribute the German people share with a beast, it would be the cunning and the predatory instinct of a hawk. 182 more words


Instant Gratification: "Short Term 12" and four other good movies to stream on Netflix Instant

Pick of the week: “Short Term 12My full review is here. Writer-director Destin Daniel Cretton drew from his own experiences working in a group home for troubled youth to make this wonderful film, shot through with humor, insight and honesty. 208 more words

Instant Gratification

Another reason why people don't marry anymore

Courtesy of USAToday.com:

“Two can live as cheaply as one.” This old saying is mostly true. However, when it comes to death, divorce, and taxes, two are probably better off financially if they don’t marry.

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Now they've gone too far!

The unelected granola-eating tree huggers at the EPA are going to increase the cost of operating hockey rinks (and thus, the cost of attending, watching, and playing hockey): 1,239 more words


Brazil’s Vicente Ferraz Sets ‘Bastards’ (EXCLUSIVE)

PANAMA CITY – Brazil’s Vicente Ferraz (“I Am Cuba, The Siberian Mammoth,” “Road 47”), one of the country’s most singular and ambitious directors, has set as his next film, “Bastards,” about a slave battalion in the Paraguay War. 483 more words


Don't be the Hate.

I have a pretty big issue with racist/homophobic/judgemental/closed-minded/ignorant/brainwashed people who have so much hate in their hearts that they can not explain but choose not to question, instead choosing to punish people for existing, and push their poison onto others. 301 more words

U.S. prisons home to ten times more mentally ill than state hospitals

There are ten times more mentally ill Americans in prisons and jails than state psychiatric hospitals, a report published Tuesday found — adding that those individuals’ conditions often deteriorate while incarcerated.

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