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Imagine Dragons --Monster

Yeah.today I got a stomache again,it’s kinda painful but I do not the reason I become so bad in my belly…

In fact.I am not a really prefect person when I’m alone I will start thinking something negative so I choose to sing a song and read some inspirational articles for balance and becoming more positive.HAHA,but I’m a leader and always inspire others but when I walk alone I am so negative.This is a tricky things but I think you could feel it.I think I’m looked like as a batman,kinda dark and negative but what he does is justice…a good,is positive~ 37 more words


Welcome to The Batman Nerd

I’d like to welcome every one of you to The Batman Nerd, a blog about my life and passion for Batman. I will post cool things I find and own, as well as news and cool information about our favorite Caped Crusader. 44 more words


Crazy Quilt Nails

My mom asked me to do her nails “like a crazy quilt.” Having no clue what a crazy quilt was, I followed her instructions to create this nail design. 29 more words

My Nail Designs

Calling all Creative Geeks for Help

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if The American Revolution would have been fought by costumed Vigilantes? What would have happen if Alan Turing hadn’t committed suicide? 1,179 more words

new apron designs

I am currently selling aprons for kids and toddlers on Etsy. I would like to use this blog to keep track of the design process.I will post my new designs, patterns and finished products here for customers to see what goes into creating the perfect children’s apron. 11 more words