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Curious About Chemical Plant On-Stream Time? An Interview with Paul Harker

Trade Value for Value- If you are not putting in more than you’re taking out, you are either a thief or a mooch.  I don’t want to be either.” –Paul Harker…

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This week marks the beginning of us taking up to 3 photos and a video of every watch we have in stock.

That is nearly 3000 watches! 82 more words

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Manage batch jobs AX 2012

After you create and schedule a batch job, you might want to check its status, review its history, or cancel it. The following sections describe some of the most common management tasks associated with batch jobs. 524 more words


Batch processing in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Batch processing is a non interactive task-processing technique where users create batch jobs to organize appropriate types of tasks to be processed as a unit. Batch processing has some important advantages: it lets users schedule batch tasks and define the conditions under which they execute, add the tasks to a queue, and set them to run automatically on a batch server.  789 more words


Grid Computing: Performance Tuning

There are many things you can do to improve performance of your grid. There’re couple of things you need to check before throwing in money on additional hardware – CPU’s, memory, faster disks, or adding nodes. 351 more words

Workload Automation

Big Data, Small Data, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Distributed Computation vs Distributed Persistence

Hadoop (http://hadoop.apache.org) has gained a lot of popularity in recent years – and have claimed to throne in Grid Computing. There’s has been a lot of confusion what’s meant by… 1,660 more words

Workload Automation