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Cloudera tunes Google's Dataflow to run on Spark

Hadoop software company Cloudera has worked with Google to make Google’s Dataflow programming model run on Apache Spark. Dataflow, which Google announced as a cloud service in June… 355 more words

TF 3.2 Setting up to Data Review to display Positive results first

In the video below, we have set up the flagging criteria to be able to sort and float Positive results, above the LOR/Cutoff Limit set in the method settings,to the top of the data review grid. 200 more words

General Use

Preparing Audio CD master image for CD replication on Windows

Requirements  from the pressing company:

  1. In order to be sure that recording parameters like silences between tracks, normalization, cd-texts are correctly set, the audio material has to be provided as DDP.
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Batch Processing

How to automatically process collection of sounds on Windows.


  1. Download and install sox. http://sourceforge.net/projects/sox/
  2. Run windows command line. “Start->Run Program-> type “cmd” and press enter.
  3. Enter directory storing files you want to process. (
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TraceFinder 3.2 - Method Setup Tweak - Threshold Setting

There have been a few questions on the issue of peaks not being integrated, while performing quantitation, although the signal is strong. A reason could be that when a compound is created in the method, it has a related compound database entry for a threshold setting. 103 more words

Method Development

How to create sheet of Constant value barcode labels for managing your business Products?

Generate Bulk amount of barcode Labels Install Barcode Label Maker Tool

Barcode is defined as the Graphical representation of information in form of black and white lines and spaces. 456 more words