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Batch Processing

This morning I’m making modifications to some files at the click of a button thanks to batch processing in Photoshop. Basically what batch processing allows you to do is take an action you’ve created and apply it to photos in one location and make new saved copies in another location. 1,213 more words


Realtime Analytics: Just how many CPU/Processors would you need if your Market Data Service feeding thousands of ticks per second?

The Problem Statement

Ok, here’s the problem statement. You are building the application infrastructure for a group of 100 traders. The process starts with market data feed. 912 more words

Grid Computing

Twitter details how new home-grown system coordinates data analytics

Twitter has unveiled its new real-time analytics orchestration system, dubbed TSAR (TimeSeries AggregatoR), that will help ease the burden of its engineers. The framework was designed for the purpose of aggregating and automating all the data gathering and calculations of its various analytic systems like Hadoop and Storm into one common framework. 545 more words