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Tips On How To Relieve Stress

If you have a very stressful job, you will be on the lookout for tips on how get relief from the intense stress. You would be surprised to know that just experiencing the smell of different types of plants can help you relax. 272 more words

Bath Bombs

Lush Bath Bomb: Ickle Baby Bot

While at Lush, I saw this and just had to get one for my baby! I knew he’d love it and sure enough his face lit up before he even got it into the bath! 294 more words


Lush Bath Bomb: Sex Bomb

After hearing so much about Lush Cosmetics, I decided to go to Lush and try something out! And for my first purchase, I bought Bath Bombs for my son & I. 253 more words


I'm back! (and DIY Bath bombs ^^)

Hello guys!

Sorry that I didn’t post in such a looong time!! :S
But I’m back now!! And tomorrow I am leaving for London! So I will have another little adventure to write to you about! 385 more words

Bath Bombs

~ Snapshots

A relaxing soak with Lush’s Big Blue bath bomb!

Packed with sea salt & seaweed to soften your skin & detox your body; and lavender & lemon oil to relax you. 10 more words



So I’m a bit late on the Lush bath bomb band wagon but that’s because I’ve never been able to go┬áin the shops because of the smell it is way to over powering and just gives me a headache and makes me feel sick but I faced the dreaded smell head on and bought a few things plus the doors were open with lots of fresh air blowing in so the smell wasn’t as intense ;) 569 more words


7 Tips On Making Bath Bombs

I finally got all my ingredients together and made my first batch of bath bombs. I couldn’t really decide what fragrance to start with but in the end the winner was a basic lavender with some lavender coloring. 142 more words

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