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Bathroom Blogfest 2014: Place Hand Below

I’ve had my share of good and bad experiences with paper towel dispensers. This one works well except the trash bin is right underneath it. When the bin fills up with used paper towels, how can one place hand below the paper towel dispenser without touching the contents of the trash bin?

Grand Designs Live 2014. We won!

What a rush! The moment that Kevin McCloud said the words “Stephen and Stefanie” when announcing the winner of the Grand Outdoors category, my heart was racing and my head was somewhere in the clouds. 254 more words


18 Weeks Pregnant

18 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good.

I have to say that now that I am well and truly into the second trimester I can notice a difference in my mood and the way I am feeling about this pregnancy. 558 more words


why the friends was lying about flatmates

Can you imagine the feeling of explosion? Do you know that pain around your lower stomach? Do you know the pressure when each ‘one more minute’ 752 more words

New York

Four Starters......

I made a point of teaching the twins the four starters…

Hello, Goodbye, Please and Thank You.

This has made them quite chatty especially Miss who now says hello to anyone and everyone. 282 more words


Bathroom renovations: What to do beforehand

Renovating your bathroom is a big project that requires a lot of necessary preparation and planning. If you set a budget and start early, your dream bathroom design can easily become a reality. 383 more words

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The 5 Types of Guys You’ll See at the Urinal

We got another new columnist at Satirical Thoughts.  We will call him Dick Weiner and he might be dropping in a few posts from time-to-time.  Dick emailed me this article and I thought it would be great to run.   754 more words