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Sunday Wrap Up

From November 23, 2014

Yesterday morning at Emmanuel Southern Baptist, we finished our series Daunted By Disappointment. Using the analogy of the human body’s “fight or flight” mechanism, we discussed how that, at different times and in different situations, each reaction can be appropriate spiritually. Check it out!


My History of Queens in Israel Part VI, Bathsheba, from Consort to Queen Mother

Bathsheba’s story in II Samuel 11 is another beloved soap opera. King David spies Bathsheba taking a bath on a rooftop and calls her to him. 824 more words

Historical Mary

What David Has to Say to the 21st Century Churches

You’re getting a double-feature today because someone chose to question what I presented God’s word in What’s So Wrong with Second Marriages?

King David was a Israelite with a heart for God. 713 more words


Joy and Turmoil

Monday, November 10, 2014

1 Kings 1

Joy and Turmoil

We continue our journey as we visit with scripture looking for stories about joy that will surprise us in a number of ways. 317 more words


King David - The Creeper Next Door?

The story of King David in Scripture can give us hope in a fallen world.  If he was our next door neighbor and we heard all he did, we’d probably call him a “creeper” and accuse that there is something really… 544 more words

Three Words

Why adapt 'Far From The Madding Crowd'?

There are a lot of Hardy’s characters that have psychologies that I was able to deepen to bring out a BDSM context.  Much literary analysis has been done on… 236 more words

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