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Nuby Bath Toys - REVIEW (and Giveaway)

A little while ago, me and Andrew both had norovirus at the same time. I’ll be honest, those are two days of my life I would quite happily erase from history. 822 more words


Don't pee in the tub, don't pee next to the tub...

Baby bathing pro tip: don’t fill up the tub with your baby standing next to it. Turns out toddlers, like adults, feel the urge to pee when they see water running! Time to wash the bathmat….

Crazy Kids!

So as I mentioned in my half term post, Zachy and I went to London to meet with the lovely peeps from Kids Stuff Crazy… 289 more words


Wicked Wednesdays 19th November

That’s what happens when mum gets left to bath the boy on her own.

That’ll teach daddy to be late home! Mwahahahaha

 I’m joining in the wonderfully wicked  11 more words


Tuesday in Toddler Town: a Bumped Head, a Man Cold and a bunch of Chaos in Between

Today it is officially winter.  I am shocked.  I really am.  I was really hoping that winter wouldn’t come this year but it did and it’s -15 with wind chill and those chilly winds are extremely strong.  2,063 more words

Is that all it took?

“I just figured out how they did that scene in Hook,” my wife said as a wad of colored shaving cream exploded against the firstborn. He returned the favor soon after. 237 more words