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I Know, I Know. Daniel Bryan. I Get It.

It’s around 2005 and I make a random purchase from the corner DVD store, holding in my hands a collection of matches from Ring of Honor.   676 more words


Monday Night Raw 1/27/15

WWE brings us an in-studio version of Monday Night Raw this week.  They over dramatized the snow storm currently hitting the Northeast on the intro of this show, as if a tsunami were about to hit. 845 more words


Smackdown average ratings and comparison for 1/22/15

Smackdown’s show leading into The Royal Rumble pulled in a 1.97 rating, an increase from 1.91 in week 1 of Thursday nights.  With 2.814 million viewers, Smackdown’s ratings grew 5.2% from week 1.


WWE: Former WWE Champion Batista Returning To WWE At The Royal Rumble PPV?

Could history repeat itself? Could former WWE Champion Batista return to WWE soon? It looks highly likely. First, a bit of backstory. Batista left WWE over the summer due to feeling lied to as well as things going completely opposite of how he saw them. 581 more words


Friday Wrestling Conversation: Which Royal Rumble Winner Disappointed You The Most?

Come Sunday, we’ll all be huddled around our televisions and laptop screens like the Cratchits around a tiny bleak British fire, hoping desperately that we don’t have another finish like last year’s Rumble Of Which We Do Not Speak. 392 more words


Smackdown Analysis 1/22/15

  • Daniel Bryan starts off the show by going over a list of thing’s he “could” talk about.  He then brings out Ryback… This was kind of a mood killer.  
  • 737 more words

Friday Fast Five Film Reviews (01/23/15) : Guardians of the Galaxy, The Drop, The Guest, Lone Survivor, Ride Along

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s GRAND RETURN edition of Friday’s Fast Five Film Reviews, where every Friday (that we remember to do it) we here at the Vortex Effect try our best to be piffy and put up quick reviews of five mostly random movies we’ve watched in the past week. 1,184 more words

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