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'I'm not a doctor' - Arkham Asylum Let's Play: Part 2

To cap off the day, we have part 2 of our Batman: Arkham Asylum playthrough from our reviewer/games man James!

We see the Batmobile being smashed up by goons, the Riddler stepping into the scene, and Batman using his detective skills to follow some whisky bourbon, as James explains his proficiency in medical skills! 27 more words

Playstation Plus in October looks fantastic

Sony have announced the line-up that we can play for free this October. Safe to say that this month looks pretty awesome, headlines by the first retail game on Playstation 4; DriveClub, the addictive but punishing Spelunky (Cross Buy!) and the excellent Batman: Arkham Asylum on Playstation 3. 98 more words


PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October

October is here and that means a whole new list of free games for PlayStation Plus members. 224 more words


Here’s Your First Good Look At The Action-Heavy Battle System Of ‘Final Fantasy XV’

Final Fantasy XV won’t exactly be a traditional RPG – you definitely won’t be lining you party up on one side of the room, and trading menu-based attacks with enemies on the other side of the room. 126 more words


October's PlayStation Plus Games Revealed

Sony has recently revealed the set of free games that await North American and Europe PlayStation Plus subscribers, starting October 8th.

On the PlayStation 4’s side, as we’ve been told ever since the game’s reveal, the upcoming racing simulator… 198 more words


PlayStation Plus Members Get Free Stuff Again

So all you PlayStation Plus members can rejoice as new games have been released for you to get your paws on. These games include:

For the PS4 peeps: 40 more words


October's Free Games Lineup on PlayStation Plus is Solid

Some solid games will be available to download this month for PlayStation Plus members.

Starting October 7, PS4 owners will be able to download Dust: An Elysian Tail… 140 more words

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