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Trailer: Arrow Season 3

The trailer for Arrow Season 3 is action packed. They are giving fans a lot to digest in the 3:14. We get a good luck at what’s happening in Starling City as Oliver (Stephen Amell) continues his role protecting the city as The Arrow. 137 more words


Carmine Falcone (The Roman)

In one of the early trailers of Gotham, we saw James Gordon speaking with an intimidating stranger, warning him about the many risks he would have faced in town. 945 more words


Batman VS Superman: New Picture of Ben Affleck as Batman Released

A brand new colour picture of Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight has been released online. The picture shows off Affleck’s new costume and cowl something which has only previously been glimpsed at previously in a black and white photograph released two previously. 9 more words


Bumps on the Road

Some days are harder than others, cause you end up seeing a side of life you didn’t really want to. Ofcourse, as we’ve often heard, want… doesn’t get. 266 more words

Ranking the Batman films because it's Batman Day!

It’s Batman Day so, what the hell, I’ll join in and present my ranking of all the Batfilms that appeared in theaters!

1.) Batman (1989) 1,164 more words

The Dark Knight

Batman's Beginning

Last week I re-watched the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, one each night for three nights. Seeing them one after another for the first time, without a gap of years between to dull my memory, something struck me that I completely missed before: these movies are three chapters of a single story, and the story is Bruce Wayne’s, not Batman’s. 666 more words


Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master? Batman Begins (2005)

I thought Liam Neeson would be reprising his Jedi role in ‘Episode III’, released a few weeks later in the summer blockbuster schedule, but suddenly I see him playing the Jedi Master the way he should have been in ‘Episode I’. 200 more words

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