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Why I Am More Worried Than Ever That Batman V Superman Will Disappoint.

After reading the multiple posts and articles all over the interwebs stating that “DC Won Comic-Con” and “Batman V Superman just beat Avengers” in response to the footage shown at Comic-Con that had also since leaked to the internet, I felt that I should openly express my level of concern that Warner Brothers is once again setting us all up for disappointment. 1,241 more words

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Season 1, Episode 25

It’s a testament to Batman: TAS that an episode like this can even exist. Very rarely could a show make an episode centering on a B-list (maybe lower?) villain such as the Clock King and make a compelling 20 minutes. 394 more words


The Problem with a Never-Ending Story

I strongly dislike a Never-Ending Story.

Just for the record, I am not talking about the movie series The Never-Ending Story, which, perhaps with some irony, actually ends after three films. 1,028 more words

Video Games

The Batwing

A design for a Batwing I did years ago. Very Michael Keaton style.

Ms Kyle (C*twom*n)

To him, everything feminine sweet greed inducing is me. To the boys, too, who followed my episodic lives. Consider only two of these: first, sensuous, white, the Venus to his lonely sculptor. 165 more words


Joker (No I)

All a poor clown ever asked for, truth to tell, was to be seen. Lucky for me, that was easy on account of my blanched up features, green mop of fun, ruby mouth, loaded gun, n’all. 191 more words