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Graphs You've Never Even Dreamed of...

A long, long time ago in a galaxy not so far away from here a very excited blogger posted a post about graphs and it was in his mind the coolest post he had ever done. 448 more words

Detective 435 - Batman vs the Spook, and Jason Bard ends

The concluding half of the Spook’s introduction is featured in Detective 435 (June/July 1973), by Frank Robbins, Irv Novick and Dick Giordano, who also did the cover. 388 more words

Detective 434 -The Spook debuts, and Hawkman ends

Mike Kaluta does the cover for Detective 434 (April 1973), the first half of the introduction of the Spook, a major player against Batman in the 70s. 329 more words

Detective 432 - Batman and the torn up money, and the Atom begins

Dick Giordano does the cover art for Detective 432 (Feb. 73), while Frank Robbins, Bob Brown and Murphy Anderson tell the tale of a distinct lack of trust among thieves.  376 more words

Detective 429 - Man-Bat in Las Vegas

Frank Robbins writes and draws another Man-Bat story in Detective 429 (Nov. 72), and it’s far superior to his earlier one.

After seeing a news report about an apparent attack by a giant vampire bat in Las Vegas, and discovering that Kirk and Francine Langstrom are there, Batman heads out to take down Man-Bat. 112 more words

12 Days Of Booklists: Day Seven

Day Seven: Six Books For Non-Reader Friends

-The Hunger Games
Simple, exciting page-turner. Even one of my best friends who hasn’t ever picked up a book before read this. 174 more words

12 Days Of Booklists