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Dinner Ideas for busy nights

What parent doesn’t struggle with putting a healthy dinner on the table? Now, add in sports and activities and parents really need help. Check out these recipes for great tips and easy meals. 7 more words

Memory is amazing

Isn’t it strange how places, people, activities, accomplishments from far back in our past can jump out at us in odd moments? All those details just residing in brain cells until something clicks and there’s a story to be told … 212 more words


Head to Head Twirling

I was listening to the Sunday Morning News Shows and there was an interview with an Olympic swimmer. She’s still in high school and the thing I thought was interesting was her answer to one question. 406 more words

Baton Twirling

And now for the good news...

Maybe the world mightn’t look so great sometimes; but you just have to look harder. There is always good news.

Here’s some you might already know but which is such good news it’s worth mentioning again: 1,704 more words

I'd like to buy some excellence...

Riding a bike

Catching a fish

Loading the dishwasher

Two baton

These are things that someone can teach you.



Perfect freehand… 376 more words

Baton Twirling

"H" is for Hair and Makeup

Our last letter for umph… H represents hair (and makeup) – ahhh, where to start with this. Do hair and makeup matter? Oh yes, absolutely! Think about some of the twirlers at the last contest you were at… I’ll guarantee there were girls with awesome hair… it always looks great and their make up had the “wow” factor. 544 more words

Baton Twirling

"P" = Pizzazz

Sparkle, OMG, Surprise – that’s Pizzazz or the P of Umph. You will know exactly when you’ve got it… because… your crowd claps, laughs, in other words acknowledges you did it! 386 more words

Baton Twirling