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Intro: The Bible is filled with impossible, hopeless cases. Situations and circumstances appear in the Word of God, and so very many of them appear impossible. 2,139 more words


What A Difference A Year Makes

This particular post has been a long time in the making.  Today marks one year since I sat down at the computer and decided…what the hell.  1,820 more words

Domestic Violence

James Brown delivers powerful speech about domestic violence

Over 600 women have been killed since Ray Rice hit his girlfriend in the elevator.

Domestic Violence

Changing Responses to Domestic Violence

In her article “A Raised Hand,” journalist Rachel Snyder describes the Domestic Violence High Risk Team, a group operating out of the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center… 189 more words

Katz calls for domestic violence to be reframed as a men's issue

Jackson Katz, in his groundbreaking work on gender violence prevention, calls for a paradigm shift in our culture to reframe violence against women as a men’s issue. 31 more words

Domestic Violence

Learning to forgive

Learning to forgive is the hard part.  He’s still doing it.  He’s keeping the children from me.  Him and his horrible family, telling me they don’t need me.  442 more words


divorce is not the end of my life or the world

I used to think marriage would be like all those fairy tales I used to read about as a child.  There would be no arguments, no disagreements, you would always treat the other person right and they would treat you right in return.   399 more words