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Have you ever put a positive spin on a bad situation? Not to be confused with making the best of a negative. The battered wife, for example, who will defend her abuser by rationalizing he didn’t beat her nearly as bad this time. 254 more words

Forgiveness is an every day challenge....and I'm too busy to be dwelling on the past.

Sometimes I find myself talking about him/them. I don’t always mean to say bad things about them just one thing leads to another then before you know it I’m angry and talking about them and bringing everyone into my tradgedy. 320 more words


More About the NFL and Domestic Violence

I happened across this article from the Washington Post earlier today and I figured I should share it. It’s about the NFL and domestic abuse, and it relates to the discussion we had last Monday. 28 more words

Give Hope to Victims of Domestic Violence

Give hope to victims of domestic violence by donating your old cell telephone to the HopeLine Camapaign operated by Verizon Wireless. Verizon collects no-longer-used cell phones, batteries, and accessories and either refurbishes or recycles the phones. 420 more words

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The Enormous Strength We Possess

Sometimes as women, we don’t realize the enormous strength we possess. We allow ourselves to be used, abused, and misguided with thoughts that there is no way out.   589 more words


National Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Celebrate, Mourn, Connect & Act


Domestic violence poses a clear and present danger for countless persons. The pervasive problem of domestic violence takes everyone to make it stop. Each year, across the country, the month of October is recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). 151 more words

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month (It's not just a Woman's issue)

The month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Hopeful Hearts Ministry is dedicated to spreading awareness to all forms of abuse.  Throughout the month I will be sharing other survivor’s stories, book reviews of survivor’s stories, follow-up stories of… 228 more words