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Understanding My Mother

This is one of the hardest things I have ever written about. I do this not only to bring closure to part my life but to bring… 532 more words

KWIK KWOTES: Women as Victims According to One Author ......

“I saw a look in her eyes that I have seen in the eyes of many other women who had reported stalkers or obscene callers or voyeurs or violent and dangerous men who made their lives miserable. 66 more words

Domestic Violence Top Killer in New Hampshire

October has passed and along with it the recognized month to remember domestic violence.  Many communities throughout the country had candle-light vigils to remember victims of domestic violence or walks at night to highlight the need for a safe community at any time of the day or night. 706 more words

Social Justice

My rants about being disabled.../why my being disabled makes you mad

I don’t know where this belongs but I guess I’ll put it here since the loss of my marriage and subsequent loss of my family ended with me being hospitalized…..seven times. 1,021 more words



Have you ever put a positive spin on a bad situation? Not to be confused with making the best of a negative. The battered wife, for example, who will defend her abuser by rationalizing he didn’t beat her nearly as bad this time. 254 more words

Domestic Abuse and Violence

IAWW co-hosts engage in a a panel discussion of domestic abuse and violence.

Nadia Giordana

Forgiveness is an every day challenge....and I'm too busy to be dwelling on the past.

Sometimes I find myself talking about him/them. I don’t always mean to say bad things about them just one thing leads to another then before you know it I’m angry and talking about them and bringing everyone into my tradgedy. 320 more words