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Telecom Conferences

Battersea Events hold and manage telecom conferences in customer experience management, one cross industry in September along with the banking industry in Amsterdam and the other in telecom only   concentrated event in April in Dubai and Amsterdam. 89 more words


Battersea Events

Battersea Events provides the platform where corporate professional from leading companies across the globe gather to debate and put strong arguments on key issues related to the current market trends. 90 more words


Grim grey gruel for library goers in Wandsworth

So what do you get for the lowest council tax in London?

A brown brick cube by a Tesco, it’s Battersea Park Library.  A small crying boy called Felix may have been upset because he didn’t want to leave, or because he was hungry, but I think that really he was deeply disappointed with such underfunded decline. 130 more words

London Library Tour

Pho for you?

I like going out for dinner. I like long boozy meals with lots of horrifically calorific dishes all washed with copious amounts of wine. This however is not good for my bank balance… or my waistline. 385 more words


Tour De Radskids™ - Interlude

Well then.

It’s all gone tits up I’m afraid. For me anyway!

You may have read, if you read this blog Jasmin ;), at the end of… 561 more words

On Running After One's Hat, by G.K. Chesterton

In this classic essay, G.K. Chesterton tells us that “{a}n adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.” Moreover, “{a}n inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.” Now you can do as you like, but I’m going to try this proposition out and see where it takes me. 29 more words


Restricted Access

Augustus Sly had some further questions for me, so we repaired to his rather dingy flat. Bella, our new dog, was with me and was lying on his drugget, rehearsing through the medium of REM sleep various encounters, remembered or imaginary, with sheep. 951 more words