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Whoops! Germany Accidentally Bombs London In WWII

I know… when you read that headline, your first reaction is – WTF? How can you accidentally bomb London?

During the Luftschlacht um England or what every English speaker calls the… 429 more words


Churchill Thanks The Pilots

On August 21, 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill made his famous statement:

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” 29 more words


Battle of Britain campaign 2014 – 19th-21st Aug - RAF drawn into attritional battle as Luftwaffe step up attacks

 19th Aug – Cloudy – German Effort – ALL OUT – Highest concentration of raids to date. Heavy losses on both sides including the destruction of 501 Sqn and LG2’s reconnaissance Hs126 Gruppe.  238 more words


Battle of Britain campaign 2014 – 16th-18th Aug - Luftwaffe pound South Coast while much vaunted RDF spectacularly fails causing RAF to look helplessly on

 16th Aug – Clear becoming cloudy. – German Effort – ALL OUT – Airfields targeted and a number of Sqns damaged on the ground. Despite some success for the RAF, poor detection by RDF and Observer Corps severely hampered interception attempts allowing Luftwaffe to bomb with near impunity. 115 more words


National Memorial Arboretum

David Calvert has recently visited the National  Memorial Arboretum and after making enquiries whether there was a memorial to the squadron was sent a photograph of the squadron Plaque. 21 more words

Battle Of Britain

Battle of Britain campaign 2014 – 14th-15th Aug - "Achtung Indianer feindlich Jäger....mauerblume ...Pauke-Pauke" (sic) Major Hanns Trübenbach strikes

Apologies in advance for the suspect German in the heading, no doubt someone will be able to correct.

 14th Aug – Clear becoming cloudy and stormy later in the day. 235 more words


re: Ian Buruma "Why 'strategic' bombing doesn’t seem to work"

Why ‘strategic’ bombing doesn’t seem to work” by Ian Buruma (Globe and Mail)

The problem with strategic bombing is that it never seems to have worked, with the possible exception of Rotterdam (but by then Holland had already been defeated).

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