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My Thoughts On This Patriots’ Day

Which Reflect Upon General George Washington

Written By Cheryl Freier, Author And Illustrator:  www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com and www.CherylFreiersite.wordpress.com.  (The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems, The Wild Grasses Hidden Truth Poems, Blossoms Around The Circles Hidden Truth Poems, The Day Of The Hidden Truth Poems, and storybooks:  The Shepherd Boy And The Sheep Alphabet, and Open The Gates In Jerusalem for the Queen Of Sheba) 333 more words

Who knew that ....

1. …. toward the end of the American Revolution George Washington welcomed under his command, a French General (General Rochambeau) who was 7 years his senior and who had 35 years of military experience already under his belt? 109 more words

Follow-up on the "gabion" question I posed to you last time

To answer my own questions – no, I cannot begin to lift it! And no, it will not control roaming cats! They will readily climb out. 337 more words