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Leaping Into Battle

An Egyptian warrior queen leaps into battle against some Middle Eastern soldiers in the desert. Hopefully her agility, lightning reflexes, and martial arts skills can aid her against this mass of enemies! 42 more words


Leaping into Battle WIP #2

Update on my drawing of an Egyptian warrior queen attacking some Middle Eastern soldiers. I should be about 2/3 of the way through the process now. 14 more words


Leaping Into Battle WIP #1

So this is going to be my next major self-imposed project over the next few days (I started it last night). It’s planned to portray an Egyptian warrior queen leaping into battle against some Middle Eastern soldiers. 33 more words


Another type of fight scene

Following on from Christine Haggerty’s excellent post about how to write fight scenes, I thought I’d post a scene of my own. It’s the kind of scene that crops up often for fantasy writers—the battle scene. 626 more words


The Bronze Battle Scene from Pergamon

In 1913 Alexander Conze published some of the antiquities found at Pergamon. One of these was a remarkable relief from the second century BCE showing a battle on land. 252 more words