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Letters Home #2

Dear Mom,

Did I tell you in the last letter how much I hate mines?  My platoon sergeant says I have to face my fears by going on mine clearing detail to clear all the mines in our area.  

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Short Stories

Samuel 31

Saul and his army fought against the Philistines, but the Philistines defeated Saul’s army and killed all three of his sons. Saul realized he had been trapped by the Philistines and was shot with an arrow, so he was dying and asked his armor bearer to kill him, so that the Philistines would not be able to. 80 more words

the battle

The Prince strode confidently to the field of battle and stared into the endless stretch of darkness that rose to meet him.  He had fought this faceless foe before, many times, without victory but he was undeterred.  263 more words


Blood on the Tongue

Through the Astral pond
Gone, baby gone
I see an ashen face
Full of the Naga’s rage
The Beast and a Mother woman
Bruised and honored… 38 more words



In the beginning, it all came so easy. I started Weight Watcher’s, changed my diet and began losing weight. I was feeling so good. I had more energy. 693 more words

Christian Life