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Letters Home From War

My merry band of morbid men were now scratching out a living in the Tuzla Valley in Bosnia.  We were flagged under the moniker, Mud-Rats.  Mainly, because Bosnia wasn’t a desert and Desert Rodents seemed a little hokey for this gig.   879 more words

Short Stories


We enter into relationships with expectations. Sone expectations may  be reasonable and others may be unreasonable. What happens when those expectations are not met? What happens we the unexpected happens? 64 more words



~ We just need someone to show us we’re not alone. Someone to extend a helping hand and say, ‘I’m here. We will do it together. 109 more words

Pillars Of Beliefs


Heightened sensations – during ignition -
this hot summer night,
creates panic – like superstition -
of creatures line of sight.

Howling demons – create… 45 more words


TheFenderStory vs Tallest Skil

Round 1:

Fender: it’s been two weeks since i battled a random, its about time i added to my fandom, your up against the sharpest rapper in pokemon world, my rhymes will work you like a weight that’s about to get curled, tallest skil more like the easiest kill, before you make a move my sucker punch will, your new to the game so ill make it easy, if you you give up now i won’t call antgeezy, my names thefenderstory, MC of rap battles, me and zeriloa are gonna leave you all rattled, that tree of yours looks like its dimming, and my bisharp is here to take care of the trimming… 11 more words


TheFenderStory vs Zeriloa

Round 1: Rotom-Wash (Fender) Chandelure (zeriloa)

TheFenderStory: Its late, I’m tired, and I’m feeling down, but I always got energy to take zeriloa to town, 539 more words


TheFenderStory vs ChampionFizz Round 2

Round 1:

Fizz: The Ma-Champion of Rap Battlin is here to wipe the floor
With this orange ball of shit, that I so sorely abhor… 800 more words