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Samurai Shodown(Pachinko) by EXCITE



The fighting game “Samurai Shodown”, which we mentioned before for pachislot, is now coming to pachinko!
It features popular characters hand picked by SNK PLAYMORE, such as Haohmaru and Nakoruru! 45 more words


My sister’s battle cry:

To the couch!

Inspired by Caroline


"The Cry Of Birth: The Joy Of Heart"

Do we count the seconds,

minutes, or more

Of the first cry!

Of the strenuous, gallant entry

Into the zone full of warfare!

Incapacity at such stage is… 29 more words


The Journey to Writing: Excerpt

The Dream

The clang of swords slammed against each other and sounded through her ears. The armor weighted her down as she trudged through the mud, fighting toward the top of the hill. 453 more words

War Zone

***This was written on August 2, 2012***

“BOOM! BAM! POW!” I wake up to the clamorous sound.
Wait a minute…where am I? What’s this place I see when I look around? 2,124 more words

Bro. B.I.B.