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Why I Battle

I have noticed in myself an apathy, and it concerns me. I haven’t struggled against sin like I should. I haven’t fought for righteousness and holiness like I ought. 1,053 more words

My Own Thoughts/Random Blogging


“Fury” is one hell of a film, and one that has surprised me the most so far this year. Writer/director David Ayer is oddly inconsistent, in my opinion. 670 more words


A YEAR UNDERFOOT - entry #68

October 13th, 2033

I spoke with Dan this morning about reaching out to some of the other camps and organizing a strike against the Threak. He was of the opinion that most everyone would be up for it, but with winter coming on and only a few short weeks left to prepare for the cold, the spring might be a better time to launch an attack. 84 more words

A Game of Scones

“YOUR TIME HERE IS DONE!” One yelled over the blaze of flame that had sprung from the earth. “YOU’VE HAD YOUR REIGN FOR THRITY ONE DAYS, NOW IT HAS BECOME THE TIME FOR YOU TO STEP DOWN!” The other turned, laughed maniacally. 394 more words


Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Ep.11 - Artificial Intelligence

When information from a Sentient Data Log is accidentally downloaded into Zeke’s brain, He leads Battle Force 5 into a secret Zone to find clues that may lea…
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Top Middle School Basketball Players Battle at John Lucas Camp 2014

The Top Middle School Basketball Players in the World met up in Houston, Texas to do battle at the 2014 John Lucas International Middle School Combine. 6 more words