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IDK #1: Battle Of Nothingness

I have come to a point, Where I don’t know what to feel anymore. Its like that phase of the disease, where there’s multiple organ failure; And despite it all the patient becomes philosophical like they know everything about life. 414 more words


The Storms of My Mind

The storms are racing inside of me—a constant battle of existence. I trail behind the legacy of humankind, but feel as if being human isn’t enough. 305 more words


Fear is the Root of Your Problems

Have you considered the relationship between procrastination and fear lately?

These days, I’ve been giving “fear” a fair amount of thought. This post is the first that comes to mind from some of my recent writings. 626 more words

60 Day Challenge

A Troll Uprising

A man walks silently minding his own business. He was surrounded abnormally by quietness from every direction. He did not hear birds chirping or noise off the river that was usually there. 436 more words

Points To Ponder

When you’re following Jesus, don’t ever think your enemies just hate your guts because of who you are. They don’t like you because of Christ in you. 36 more words


Burn BC Admits Defeat In Battle For Public Domain

The epic fight between Burners in Canada and the corporate conglomerate of Decommodifcation LLC, the Burning Man Project, and Black Rock City LLC (together trading as “Burning Man”) is over. 523 more words


Star trek tales of the talshiar part 8

“Where am i?”klasera demanded to know. “You don’t know? It looks a little different . Take a closer look! ” he said.
“It is the control room on romulous. 595 more words

Star Trek