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"The Cry Of Birth: The Joy Of Heart"

Do we count the seconds,

minutes, or more

Of the first cry!

Of the strenuous, gallant entry

Into the zone full of warfare!

Incapacity at such stage is… 29 more words


The Journey to Writing: Excerpt

The Dream

The clang of swords slammed against each other and sounded through her ears. The armor weighted her down as she trudged through the mud, fighting toward the top of the hill. 453 more words

War Zone

***This was written on August 2, 2012***

“BOOM! BAM! POW!” I wake up to the clamorous sound.
Wait a minute…where am I? What’s this place I see when I look around? 2,124 more words

Bro. B.I.B.

Your Process: Hold Up

Exodus 17:11

“As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning.”

Before we get into the passage, let’s talk about intercession for a moment. 895 more words


Who can i blame?

( be prepared for the madness and mind struggles of being a full time aunt )



Bless his little heart that great boyfriend of mine has invited me on several trips with him this summer but unfortunately… 374 more words


Police killed 5 Armed Robbers in Gun Battle – Officials say

“Five suspected armed robbers were on Saturday shot dead by the Ogun State Police Command during a gun duel at Agbado town located in Ifo Local Government Area of the state. 293 more words

The Battle for New Millennium Chapter 11: The Dusk of Man

The Battle for New Millennium
Chapter 11: The Dusk of Man

Gabriel Cogs rode alone on a motorcycle to the outskirts of New Millennium City, his mind on Tsu-Kata and what he was going to do if he found her. 3,065 more words