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Campaigners lose Newcastle Green belt battle

Campaigners have been unsuccessful in getting Newcastle Council’s plans to build on green belt land substantially modified or overturned.

The Newcastle Chronicle summarised the Government inpsector’s interim findings and the reaction of campaigners in a news story published on… 82 more words


There is a war going on,
Two foes battling each other,
Trying to bring the other down,
Playing unfair games without restraint,
And it all takes place, 91 more words


Some thoughts on spiritual warfare

Warfare- this is a tricky subject that needs to be approached with wisdom ….. Ok, so the idea of warfare is to battle, but who de we battle against, the bible tells us that we battle not against flesh but against powers and principalities, this suggests that our enemy is never a human being our enemy is never a person like you and me. 650 more words


A YEAR UNDERFOOT - entry #96

December 3rd, 2033

I’m back at the cabin, sipping on a hot cup of coffee and resting my bones. Come sundown I’ll haul the 2-way and one of the batteries up to the ridge and explore the airwaves from there. 45 more words

shouting silence; Perspectives

Something is totally wrong with me but, I just can’t find out what it is. Isn’t it weird? I find it that way since I certainly should know about myself more than anyone else. 495 more words


A "Short" Story of Two Knights

Behind every strong man is a strong woman. Behind every strong woman is a strong man. The secret is they are back to back.

We are all knights. 457 more words


conquer and divide
sift and revive
complicate, endure
be enamoured
reveal or conceal
shield or heal
heads or tails
to dock or to sail
resuscitate or hesitate… 42 more words