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More Battlecruisers, Pt. 06

Needless to say, this stuff takes a while to do. But, I got the paneling on the upper wing done. I wanted it to resemble feathers, but with an abstract feel to it as well. 21 more words


More Battlecruisers, Pt. 05

I decided I hate the way that bump map looked, so I decided instead to do modeled paneling. This is as far as I’ve made it so far.


More Battlecruisers, Pt. 04

Even though this ship predates the D7, which (arguably) doesn’t have much in the way of hull details, I decided to detail the main hull more in line with later/earlier Klingon ships. 34 more words


More Battlecruisers, Pt. 03

It’s not a huge update, but I added the grill things to the wings. I have something planned for the wings and I wanted to get this stuff in place first.


More Battlecruisers, Pt. 02

I added the phat nacelles to this thing.

In case anybody is wondering how this one compares to the D7:

(Yes, they are to scale)


More Battlecruisers, Pt. 01

Since I can’t seem to stay focused on any of my open projects right now, I figure it’s time to start a new one. ;) Since I enjoyed (in a hair pulling way) building the Klingon D7 late last year and earlier this year, I decided to do another Klingon Battlecruiser. 568 more words