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What have you been playing lately? The Coffee Break 16 July 2014.

Hello folks;

Seems about time for another round of what have you been playing lately, would you not agree? Well this past week has been interesting to say the least: I discovered that I really dislike how the tanks handle in World of Tanks, and Ghost Recon Phantoms – despite my praise of the title – gets the boot per se. 728 more words


High density fun

I’ve been thinking about what type of game fits my lifestyle given that my free time is so limited.  Gone are the days when I can sit for hours, uninterrupted and just play.  959 more words


Is Sunset Overdrive's Marketing Harming the Game?

Advertise your games, sure… but let it get to your head.


Battlefield's E3 Demos: An Awesome Illusion

As sarcastic as it sounds, DICE actually knows a thing or two about quality presentation…


Battlefield Hardline - WHHHHHHHHHYYYYY!!!!!

Uggh… Yes while bug ridden and rediculously hyped BF4 was incredible. But why release a new title a year later?!? This franchise is becoming more and more like call of duty! 283 more words

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Battlefield: Hardline’s cops and robbers turn downtown L.A. into a war zone

Battlefield is turning in its camo patterns and armored tanks for cops, robbers, and a whole lot of money.

But the new theme isn’t the only way Battlefield: Hardline is breaking tradition — it has a new developer behind it, too. 1,207 more words


AMD APU A6-3670 (Battlefield 3)

it’s time to put A6-3670K into the test using Battlefield 3, using 720p resolution the APU seems able to perform decently. Although it might not good looking but user can already play the game without waiting for saving some budget on graphics card. 46 more words