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Android Lollipop, Bill Cosby, and Broken Games | Episode 38

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In Episode 38, we run the gamut of topics. Everything ranging from mobile devices to rape allegations is discussed. We start with our first impressions of Android 5, codenamed “lollipop.” Then we switch gears and give our take on the Bill Cosby rape allegations that have resurfaced. 33 more words

Weekend Recall: World of Dishonored Battlefield Wars

This past weekend was chock full of gaming. So much so that I am actually tired on a Monday and I have no screenshots prepared. 337 more words

Weekend Recall

Jackfrags has done it again

As some people might know Battlefield 4 has had this long going easter egg ever since the release with new clues coming with every DLC. Final stand hit shelves a few days ago for premium members and yet another “ 149 more words


The BF Diaries: Don't Bother With The Objectives, Lads. Everyone is Phantom Operative Hunting.

A while back I recall Luetin09 blathering on about how DICE asked him and other key YouBoob gamers out there how DICE could encourage the gaming community to play the objectives more. 377 more words


Happy Birthday Xbox One

This time twelve months ago hordes of people were eagerly awaiting the release of the Xbox One. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them, I had to wait a couple of weeks until I was able to get mine, mainly because they were out of stock pretty much everywhere I looked. 1,427 more words


My thoughts on Battlefield 4 Pay DLC

Battlefield 4 DLC range from good to Awesome. One major problem all
the new maps and new weapons are Pay DLC. I have explain number of… 32 more words


The Battlefield 4 Saga Begins

Cancel all my gaming plans for the next four years minimum. xD

In a random turn of events, I’ve decided to finally move on from Halo PC on to Battlefield 4 (for the PC (duh))! 135 more words