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"Xbox, Access EA"

EA launched a new service called EA Access on the Xbox One if you haven’t already heard. EA Access allows subscribers of the service get a 10% discount on EA digital content, access to member deals, early trial versions of games, and the ability to download four free FULL games (or at least it is four right now).   678 more words


You should sign up for EA Access

Do you have an XBOX One? Have you heard of EA Access? If not, EA Access is a service that costs $5 a month or $30 a year and grants you the ability to download 4 games out of their vault (Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4 and Peggle 2 with more to come), download demos and trials of upcoming games and grants a 10% discount off of DLC. 62 more words

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Trying Battlefield 4 After Having Played ArmA

So I took advantage of Game Time — EA’s latest gimmick to get people to install Origin, to finally try out Battlefield 4. EA advertises the game with everything it does compared to  694 more words


A week of game time later, I make the purchase.

Indeed folks; shortly after Origin’s game time expired for Battlefield 4, I ended up purchasing it for a total of about twenty dollars Canadian: not bad if I do say so myself. 543 more words


The BF4 Diaries: Come play on our server!

My close Battlefield friends and I occasionally rent a BF4 server for shiggles. Normally I wouldn’t recommend recklessly throwing money at EA, but redout67 has started his own You Tube gaming channel, … 110 more words


Live Battlefield 4 ESL finals streaming

I wasn’t aware Battlefield 4 even had a professional series but apparently it does.  Check out the live feed below Aug 14th and 15th below. 12 more words


EA Access: Battlefield 4

I talked about in my other article that I was having problems with Battlefield 4 and I couldn’t access it and it was the only game I hadn’t played yet on the Xbox 360 so I have been looking to playing it on the Xbox One even though it’s famous for it’s buggy game play, the official twitter account for EA Access has spoken up and said many people are having this problem and they are sorting it out.