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Jackfrags has done it again

As some people might know Battlefield 4 has had this long going easter egg ever since the release with new clues coming with every DLC. Final stand hit shelves a few days ago for premium members and yet another “ 149 more words


Cool Military Quote

Found this really cool picture on Pinterest – speaks true about how a lot of us “regular” people feel about Military service men and women!  Check it out: 9 more words

1st Special Forces Operations Detachment

Westeners flock to fight ISIS

I must admit this is something that has crossed my mind. I’m sure there are a lot of Westerners like me out there who’d like to be more active in opposing Islamic extremism. 333 more words

NEW IDEA - The Experience: Battlefield 4

Welcome folks to another gaming blog. Earlier today while I was supposed to be sleeping I started thinking about reviews. Reviews are fantastic. I love reading and watching reviews and I’m comfortable enough with my own gaming opinion and experience to understand that a review is just someone else’s opinion. 1,162 more words


African shoestrings – South Africa Day Twenty-two

In the middle to the end of nineteenth century a large group of Afrikaners, (descendants of the original, mainly Dutch, French and German settlers) trekked their way their way from the Cape after the British took control of the Cape colony. 379 more words


The BF Diaries: Don't Bother With The Objectives, Lads. Everyone is Phantom Operative Hunting.

A while back I recall Luetin09 blathering on about how DICE asked him and other key YouBoob gamers out there how DICE could encourage the gaming community to play the objectives more. 377 more words


Military Contractors For Battlefield Supplies

Military Contractors, in general, have been around for as long as there have been a “military.”  If you’ve ever wondered where the military or its branches get its supplies, food, clothing, or transportation for the… 519 more words

1st Special Forces Operations Detachment