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Dodging the ball

One question to begin with. how much did YOU like sports and games at school ?

well .. i. did. not.at.all.

While being born with a form of natural clumsiness and 2 slightly crippled feet and ankles , i always struggled everywhere to keep balance and develop strength and power. 678 more words


Game Developers: "We Will Never Accept Threats, Hate, Violence or Sexism"

A petition signed by more than 1,000 game developers is confronting the issues raised by this year’s Gamergate movement.

“Sometimes you have to state the obvious: We will never accept threats, hate, violence or sexism in the name of games,” reads the… 295 more words


GeekBeat TV's Must Have Gadgets - Soldier's Tech Battlefield

John Pozadzides and Cali Lewis from Geek Beat stop by the Revision3 studios, on this week’s Soldier’s Tech Battlefield! They were kind enough to share what’s… 16 more words

If Rome Should Fall

If the gates of that great city should open,
spilling out the wretched refugees in search of something better,
of something worth living for,
other than the hope of another day. 464 more words


#2 Oh the Pre-Sequel

As far as I’m concerned, the Borderlands series has been one of the best on the “last gen” systems. So when Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was announced I was super excited then realized my horror when it wasn’t going to be released on Xbone, then I remembered, I did spend almost $1200 this summer on a PC for “school”….mhmm gaming…. 247 more words

A Curious Little Story: The Edge of the Field

A Curious Little Story: The Edge of the Field
I had just arrived. I stood in a friend’s kitchen, looking at a curious little radio of sorts that was on the countertop. 545 more words

Upside Down Kingdom