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Banana Bread Instead of Battlefield

Hi! Well B has joined a competitive team and has both practises and games now … so I have too much free time. I decide to make some Banana Bread and throw on a Songza playlist (Cooking with Friends) … even though I’m alone… and I’m baking. 205 more words



We are warriors
Fighting the unknown
Venture in the land
Of vain and opinions

At times
We got beaten and injured
Bruises and scars
Tell the journey… 19 more words


War and Hope

Ask any student, and most adults for that matter, what their favorite historical period about U.S. History is and I can pretty much guarantee that the vast majority will answer either, “the Great Depression and World War II,” “The Civil War,” or, “The Revolutionary War.” Our interest in these eras become even more obvious in the fact that, for example, WWII movies, both fiction and non-fiction, have been coming out in theatres constantly since that very time—two I’m aware of just this year! 817 more words


Battle with the Titans

Loneliness comes

In a blink of an eye

Can’t here the drums

You feel you could die


One second

Just one breath

Take this moment… 164 more words