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Warriors bleed

heroic silence,



by fate,

they wait.

Their time comes,

with peace or violence,


inner strength,

no longer


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An Archaeological Look at the 1864 Valley Campaign

This was a presentation by Clarence Geier at the 2014 Civil War Institute at Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia, held on March 29, 2014.  Dr. Geier is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at James Madison University. 1,925 more words


COUNTDOWN: Top 5 Star Trek Battles

The risk with lists like this is that they could get filled with Dominion War battles so I am limiting it to just one to give the list a bit of variety. 532 more words

Batman vs Carnage

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Carnage is a powerful Spiderman villain and he even had the courage to go up against Deadpool recently! Courage is great, but you also need power if you really want to defeat someone as resourceful as Batman. 35 more words


Little Mac vs Sonic

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Little Mac is a skilled boxer, but he won’t be able to take Sonic down. Little Mac knows firsthand how important speed is when you’re inside the ring and that’s why Sonic has the edge. 41 more words


Scorpion vs Batman

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Scorpion is a Spiderman villain that is technically impressive as far as strength goes. Unfortunately, he’s usually portrayed as a D rank opponent and that’s what he would be to Batman. 26 more words