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Firestorm Armada Commission Group Pictures

Group pictures! These are such interesting models to paint. The off-box art schemes only serves to increase that interest. As a little touch up, I added some blue and white engine glow to the Tarakain battleship.


Firestorm Armada Update #7 - Complete

A here is the Kedorian battleship that rounds up this commission to a close. Like its destroyer escorts, this battleship has the theme of “shining cities in space”. 69 more words


Firestorm Armada Update #6 - Tarakain Battleship

Just one more model to go. Spartan Games played nice and sent me the replacement bridge piece for this battleship, so I could complete it. The Tarakain fleet is now complete. 6 more words


Never argue with a warning marker

The US Naval Institute once reported an incident aboard a battleship on a foggy night. Shortly after dark, a lookout reported, “Light, bearing dead ahead.” The captain ordered a signal to be sent to the bearer of the light ordering it to change course. 98 more words

Life's Journey

Dec 10th, 2014

I woke up and finished the last episode of Lost. I watched it years ago but I wanted to re-watch it and see if I recognized any of the filming locations. 174 more words

One Year In Hawaii

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is a harbor in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. It became famous after the surprise military attack by the Japanese navy on the 7th December 1949. 115 more words