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My Favorite RPGs...An Unloaded Question

Chris was writing about his favorite RPG’s and that got me thinking about my favorite RPg’s. Like him I have been gaming for as long as there have been games, blue cover 1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons to be exact. 518 more words


Rock the Thunder

1st Company Barracks
Purvo, Capellan Confederation
13 November, 3051 00:31

“Sao-Wei Blackwood, your presence is requested in the briefing room,” a largely unidentifiable voice buzzed over the intercom. 1,847 more words


ArchangelKenko and the Absolute Stillness of Mind

From the files of the CCAF

Profile; Ken Blackwood
Callsign: Archangel
Preferred Wt: Medium
Chassis: HBK-4G KTO-GBHeight: 173 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: BrownDescription… 819 more words


Session planning during an off night

My intended one-shot dungeon crawl ended up cancelled tonight as half the group had various real-life crises and could not attend. While disappointed, I decided to make the most of it and spent time preparing for the next  237 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Nostalgia Gaming: Mechwarrior


One of the first games I remember obsessing over was the SNES game “Mechwarrior”.  The player assumed the role an outer rim mercenary mech pilot on the hunt for those that killed his family  (or something like that, story was not as important to eight year old me).  287 more words

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