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SIGINT behaviour mismatch on Solaris 10 and Solaris 11

In shell script, I have written code to ignore trap and execute a java program :

trap ""  1 2 3 15 24
/usr/bin/java Prac
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So correct me if I’m wrong (don’t correct me) but isn’t that Count Chocula circling the lonely office fern? I remember thinking he had a moth-eaten broom or a jetliner made of bats. 160 more words

Comin' Atcha

Synchronization at multiple level java behavior

As shown in example below, once lock is taken on an object in call method, there is no need for further methods to have synchronized… 115 more words

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Cheerily planning to teach the Germans a lesson

The young men of Wargrave who had joined up were still pretty gung-ho about their prospects.

Wargrave Men at the Front

The Rev. B. S. Batty has received a large number of letters from Wargrave men at the front and serving on His Majesty’s ships, in which they express great gratitude to the people of Wargrave for the tobacco and cigarettes forwarded to them after the Harvest Festival. 285 more words

Joining Up

Upgrade to jdk version 7

I have a ant script which ran successfully with jdk version 6.

<javac srcdir="${top}/src" destdir="${clientclasses}" debug="true"
        debuglevel="line" verbose="true" listfiles="true" target="1.5"
        includes="client/*.java, common/ApplicationConstants.java">
            <path path="${output}"/>
            <path refid="classpath_for_src_dir_compile"/>
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Is the world changing at a faster pace now than it ever did, or am I the one at a much lower gear?

Perceptions seem to have changed quite a bit, no? 138 more words


NEW Sourpuss Travel bags NOW IN STOCK!

If you love to travel and you love skulls or bats, meet our new Travel Bags! This nylon bag has enough room for all your favorite things and… 19 more words

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