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Orange & Bay Leaf Pound Cake

This week of April, when it’s still light after eight in the evening and the ice cream trucks are back on the street and you can just tell that the first leaves are going to break out of their buds any day now, is a time for great celebration. 565 more words


A to Z Challenge - Spell crafts - Laurel

Laurel, or bay leaf,  is an interesting plant, a tree. We are all familiar with its associations with victory, in Asia perhaps with the self renewing tree that was meant to be cut forever. 164 more words

A To Z Challenge

Braised spring onions

Today, I’m bringing you an easy, quick and tasty spring recipe. It comes straight to you from my mum’s repertoire, who, unlike my grandmothers, isn’t big on cooking – off the top of my head, I can’t think of more than 5 dishes that I consider ‘hers’ – but the few things that she makes, she makes well. 323 more words


A Welcome Home -- Beans, three ways

A couple of weeks ago, The Gentleman went away for training for his job — it was the first time he’d been away from home for more than a night — he’d left the Wednesday before, come home Friday night and left again Sunday for another week. 1,416 more words


Kitchen Hack: A Bug Free Pantry

Have you ever pulled out a container of rice or a tub of flour only to find that it has little critters in it?  I have a natural solution to that! 50 more words


Bouquet Garni


Bouquet Garni which is French for garnished bouquet and is a bunch of herbs bundled together and tied up using string. It is normally used to prepare soups, stocks and various stews. 18 more words

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