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Russia-India Nuclear Power Technology Collaboration Is on the Grow

According to the Russia-India Report (RIR) by Mark Cooper, today, the interaction of nuclear scientists from India and Russia is not confined to just the nuclear power plant in principle, but it now extends to various other fields of the technology. 357 more words


Not entirely visible to the untrained eye - my 100th post

Google Alerts for all things coastal that I am interested in pop into my Gmail Inbox at 3pm everyday. I have become accustomed to deleting some of them, which I should probably change the relevancy. 328 more words

Travel Bits: Memoir of rich woman in Bangladesh :-)

Human mind is mysterious – you never know what reminds you of what. For instance, I always find it amazing how music and fragrances take me on trip down the memory lane. 1,276 more words


India Stops Oil and Sea Dispute -- “The South China Sea is a glaring example of how one intransigent country can hold up everything.”

If good fences make good neighbors, that may explain why much of Asia’s recent territorial tension has centered on the ocean.

India took a step toward tighter ties with… 1,075 more words

Rediscovering Digha - The Brighton of the East

Digha is West Bengal’s most popular sea resort and tourist spot located south west of Calcutta. Often known as the ‘Brighton of the East’ – Digha is best for a small weekend trip. 415 more words

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Developing Country Hospitals: Go Hard or Go Home

“Hey mom, I’m in India and guess where I just was for five hours!”

“The police station?”

“No, even better!”

“The hospital…?”


This is how my conversation with my mom went last night after I got back from the hospital and purchased wifi to contact them.   729 more words

Sunil Wakes Up to a Golden Sunrise in Kanyakumari

This is the southern-most tip of mainland India. Kanyakumari, a little town that sits at the very edge of the land that is the meeting point of three seas–the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. 133 more words

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