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Cuban Contraband I Miss

There are some things you shouldn’t bring

I’ve never encountered a country so paranoid in its hate dislike for Cuba as the US. Blame it on the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War, the Bay of Pigs, Castro or even the Elian Gonzales affair but man, are Cuban products banned from entering US soil. 211 more words


Where Are They Now: Elian Gonzalez

Shiiiiiiiiit, he prolly got his plantain soakin’ in some cute Cubana’s bean pie right about now.




When I was a young boy growing up in central Missouri, things were good, biggest challenge for me was learning to play poker from a friend who cheated.   469 more words


The Influence of Domestic Politics on The Cuban Missile Crisis

On Monday 22nd October, 1962, President John F Kennedy addressed the nation on television to announce a decision to place a quarantine around the island of Cuba, a decision that was in reply to the “secret, swift, and extraordinary build-up of Communist missiles on the island”[1] and one that would threaten to take not just the United States but the entire world to “the abyss of nuclear destruction and the end of mankind.”[2] This resolution was a result of six days of intensive, stress-ridden meetings that considered the consequences of each response to the Soviet placement of nuclear missiles on the island of Cuba, a mere 93 miles from the coast of Florida. 4,179 more words

American History

Bay of Pigs? Bay of Crabs more like

This was one of the most freakish scuba diving experiences ever (besides diving with panda bears).

My diving guide warned me a portion of the road to our Bay of Pigs dive site on Cuba’s south coast was overrun with crabs this time of year. 195 more words


Torpedoed at the Bay of Pigs: Chapter 4

The CIA had trained and funded this group of Cuban exiles called Brigade 2506. And they attempted to overthrow the Communist Cuban government. As it happened, my ship, the Orion, was out to sea around the time Brigade 2506 attacked. 242 more words

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