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The Cuban Thing (Coda: Fly Away)

Here is the story I promised in my last post. This is the way I wrote it in my unpublished book about Cuba, The Gospel of Scarface: 809 more words


Ignoring the Full Truth About the Castro Brothers

Ignoring the Full Truth About the Castro Brothers 
by JBS President John F. McManus

Press coverage of President Obama’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba avoided any mention of the fact that Fidel Castro and his companions were helped to take control of the island nation by the U.S. 795 more words

Cuba Travel Photos #16 - Museum of the Bay of Pigs - Museo Giron

The outside of the Museo Giron.

Some of the artifacts.

A view of a tank from the Bay of Pigs.

These are shoes were worn by a Cuban woman who was killed during the invasion. 25 more words


President Obama vs. Reality on Cuba

President Obama Didn’t Tell the Whole Story about Cuba

By Mike Gonzalez

Because President Obama has a fascist liberal worldview, he is incapable of providing a truthful narrative on almost any subject. 952 more words


Will: Cuba derangement syndrome

WASHINGTON — Barack Obama has made a geopolitical irrelevancy suddenly relevant to American presidential politics. For decades, Cuba has been instructive as a museum of two stark failures: socialism and the U.S. 667 more words


Cuba Travel Photos #15 - Thanksgiving 2014 at The Bay of Pigs

Welcome to the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. We went swimming here on Thanksgiving Day…

…and learned about Cuba’s ecosystem and their efforts to maintain Cuba’s habitat from invasive species. 72 more words

Jennifer Jigour

Viva Cuba!

It took six years, but President Obama has finally done something that we Washingtonian Constitutionalists can cheer about, he is changing the foreign policy with regards to Cuba. 855 more words